Top Ideas to Make Your Vertical Blinds in Kent Into a Headboard

You want to get a new headboard but don’t really have the money. Nor can you find something that works for your idea of style. If you have an older set of vertical blinds in Kent, you can turn them into a new headboard with ease.

 What type of headboard do you want? Here are some excellent ideas for using vertical blinds for your headboard.

 Glue the Slats Together 

The quickest way to turn your vertical blinds into a headboard is to use each of the slats and glue them side by side. If you have a design print on your vertical blinds, you’ll need to make sure this sits as it would have done when the blinds were closed. 

When plain, you can spread out the slats a little more then they would have sat on the window. There’s no need to make sure the slats overlap slightly to block out all the light. This can give you a foot or so more extra material to work with.

 Now you just need to decide whether your headboard will sit with the slats vertical or horizontal. You can also work two different types of vertical blinds in Kent together to alternate colors and add more style or you can paint over the top depending on the material and your artistic talents.

 Create a Lattice Headboard

 A popular type of headboard is a lattice one. You can make your own with a set of vertical blinds. Separate the slats and interweave them together both vertically and horizontally. This will take some time to do, but it’s worth it when you get the perfect headboard.

 You can do this with one set of vertical blinds if you want. However, you can also get two sets of vertical blinds in Kent with different colors. Alternate them with your lattice effect to add more color and style to your headboard. Just make sure your colors work with your room’s décor.

 Create a Brickwork Style Headboard

 If you have lots of broken bits of vertical blinds, you can make them work into a headboard. You’ll get a brickwork style headboard. 

Think about how bricks are pieced together to create a wall. You usually have different colored bricks piled together with one brick across the gap of two, creating a stronger and more stable wall. While you don’t need to think about the stability and strength of your headboard, you’re after the miss-matched design that can add more character to your headboard.

 The amount of colors you choose will be up to you. It is possible to make this work with just one set of vertical blinds and adding a cream fabric around each of the slats to make it look like the concrete used to secure the bricks together.

 Vertical blinds in Kent can be repurposed in many ways. The next time you’re looking at getting a new headboard, consider making your own. You can use multiple old blinds to create something perfect for your own style and décor needs.

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