Top Beautiful Window Treatments in Maple Valley on a Budget

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you want the cheapest window treatments in Maple Valley. You want your home to look beautiful and bring attention to the gorgeous view out of your window. So, what options do you have? These top treatments are perfect for budgets small or large.

Get No Sew Drapes Installed

One of the cheapest options for any home is to get drapes installed in your home. They look beautiful and elegant without the high costs that some other types of window treatments do. You can also save money on heating and air conditioning with thermal drapes or the right styles.

Think about no sew drapes. These are much cheaper to make, helping to keep the costs down. You could even get your hands on the material to make your own for the home.

Try Bamboo Shades

Wooden and natural blinds are becoming all the rage. The great thing about bamboo shades is they’re inexpensive but instantly add a sense of beauty to your home. You’ll certainly want to add them to your bathroom and kitchen. The material is used to humid conditions, making them perfect for rooms with a lot of moisture.

While you may be limited on colors, that doesn’t matter. In fact, there’s amazement in natural styles, as they fit with the rest of the décor easily.

Consider Mini Blinds Instead

While venetian blinds look beautiful, they can sometimes stretch the budget. This is especially the case if you have large windows and need custom made blinds. Instead of spending extra, why not get a set of mini blinds? These window treatments in Maple Valley work together seamlessly, working around bay windows and fitting along larger frames without a gap.

Mini blinds are also excellent for patio doors, especially French doors. This is what they were designed for, so you don’t have to look out for anything extra special.

Think About Panel Track Blinds

One type of window treatment often overlooked is a panel track blind. They’re not as popular as many others, but they can offer a look of shutters in your home. The panel track blinds cover the whole window, making them budget-friendly options for floor to ceiling windows.

The blinds track along the floor, opening like shutters on hinges. You fold them open in a pleat and they sit either side of the window a little like vertical blinds.

Double Up Your Window Treatments in Maple Valley

This can initially seem like an extra expense, but it can work out more financially beneficial. Consider doubling up on the treatments in the home, such as bamboo shades with no sew drapes around the edges. You add a sense of natural beauty in the home with two very practical window coverings.

You’ll want to consider your budget and décor needs before doubling up. This can be a good option if you want to start off with budget friendly and eventually want permanent Maple Valley window treatments in your home, such as interior plantation shutters.

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