Slat Shades vs. Roller Shades in Kent: What’s the Best Option for Your Home?

Now you’ve decided you want shades for your home, you need to choose between the different options. Picking between slat shades and roller shades is Kent is common. They tend to be the most affordable options and offer the most benefits. But which ones will work best for your home? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of the different options to help you decide which ones will suit your needs the most.

More Light Control

If you want to control the direction of the sun’s rays and control just how much light you let in, you’ll want to consider slat shades. Whether vertical or horizontal, the slats make it possible to manage the direction that the light shines through the window. This means you can avoid hitting the same spots in the room with the sun, damaging paintwork and furniture.

You don’t get that in full with Kent roller shades. While you can choose materials that will still let some daylight in, you either cut out all glare or none of it. You can’t focus the rays onto a different part of the room, making it easier to watch TV or sit comfortably on the couch.

More Color Choices for the Home

The biggest benefit of roller shades is the material. You get a full choice of fabrics and colors to make sure they work with your décor needs. You can get patterns or choose plain colors. It’s up to you how much your shades stand out in the room.

This isn’t the case with slat shades. While you can invest in different materials, most of your color choices are the different natural shades. Vinyl shades can offer more color choices, but they can look tacky if not made well. The material of roller shades in Kent tends to be more superior for differing color choices.

Work for Any Room in the Home

Slat shades do have the benefit of working for any room in the home. It’s possible to get materials that are water resistant. Vinyl and faux wood don’t soak in the moisture in the home, preventing mold growth. That means bathroom and kitchen windows can be covered in cost effective ways.

This isn’t quite possible with roller shades. The fabric material tends to absorb the water and can lead to mold or mildew growth. However, the shades work extremely well for all other rooms in the home. They can block out all light, creating a blackout effect in bedrooms and dens, while creating beautiful light feelings in other rooms in the home.

Total Cordless Options

If you have children, you will definitely want to consider cordless Kent roller blinds. They are by far the safest options for the home. The cords can get tangled around children’s limbs or necks, putting them at serious risk. Roller blinds can be pulled at the actual blind or controlled with a remote to close easily and quickly.

Slat blinds aren’t as good for cordless options. There’s always going to be something to pull them close and manage the direction of the slats. While there are some mechanical options, they aren’t always affordable.

Which type of blind will you choose? This will depend on your needs for the home. Slat blinds are better for more light control, but roller blinds in Kent may be the safest for your family.

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