Shutters vs. Blinds vs. Curtains in Maple Valley: What Do You Need in Your Home?

There are so many different window treatments available. When you buy your first home, it can be difficult to choose the best ones for your needs. Do you need beautiful exterior shutters placed or would Maple Valley curtains be more practical? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of each of the window coverings to help you choose.

Increased Value and Curb Appeal

Exterior shutters offer financial benefits. Of course, they also have the downside of being the most costly window treatments, so the financial benefits are necessary. You instantly add curb appeal to your home with the right exterior shutters. You can bring out the character in the home and show people what to expect when they walk through the door.

This curb appeal helps to increase the value of your home. People are more comfortable the minute they walk in. Having shutters will also mean the buyers don’t need to add them at a later date, since they’re designed for permanence.

Blinds and curtains in Maple Valley don’t offer these benefits. The treatments are moveable and placed in the home out of the way of prying eyes.

Easy Maintenance and Use

Sometimes you want something that you can quickly pull across the windows. Curtains in Maple Valley will certainly be beneficial for this. You don’t need to worry about mechanisms working, cords not getting broken, or latches breaking. Whenever you want to block the light out, you pull and you’re finished.

There’s also the major benefit of low maintenance when it comes to curtains. There’s no need to use special treatments to protect the paintwork or material from the elements like there is with shutters. You don’t have to do a lot of dusting and cleaning like you can with some blinds. Curtains require a shake now and then and a wash in the machine.

More Light Control Options

If you want to control the light more, you may want to consider blinds for your home. This is especially the case with slat blinds. They will allow you to redirect the beams of light coming into your home. Then there’s the choice to completely block out the light if you want.

Even roller or solar shades can offer extra light control. They don’t completely block out the light like shutters or curtains in Maple Valley can do. While you block out the glare, there’s no need to use your electric lights during the day with your blinds.

This can depend on the material. Curtains can help to block out the glare without blocking out all the light. It will depend on the material and colors used. You can also buy shutters with slats that will help to change the direction the light shines through.

Using Two Treatments Together

Maple Valley curtains offer the benefit of working with other window treatments. You can add blinds or shutters and create a more decorative look. You get the best of a mixture of worlds, while helping to reduce the amount of sun damage that happens to your curtains and in your home.

The type of window treatment you get will depend on your goals for it. Do you want something that offers curb appeal or something just quick and easy to use? There’s no wrong or right answer!

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