Should You Get Window Shades in Orting Controlled By Amazon or Google?

You want to get a set of motorized window shades in Orting. They look great, and they will offer a great deal of benefits. Now you’re looking into the way that the window coverings are controlled.

One of the options is to get something that’s controlled by voice activated devices. You can get something that’s controlled via Amazon Alexa or through Google Home. The exact one will depend on the devices that you have in the house, but that’s not the question here. Should you get window coverings that are controlled via these voice activated devices?

You’re Not Losing Out on Other Ways to Control the Window Coverings

One of the main concerns is that you won’t be able to control your window shades in Orting in other ways. That’s certainly not the case. Your window coverings can be controlled through other ways, whether you want to control by the smart app or if you also have something that’s controlled through a remote.

That means you can still control when you’re out of the house. It’s still possible to get the home ready for when you do get home from work.

The benefit of having the voice activation control is that you can do it all even when your phone isn’t near you. You may be doing the washing up and need to control the blind by the kitchen window due to glare. You can ask Alexa or Google to do it, and things will work without having to dry your hands and find the remote for the window coverings.

Control Window Shades in Orting from Other Rooms

The benefit of voice activation is that you don’t need to be in the same room as the window coverings. You just need to be in the same room as your voice activated device.

Let’s say your Amazon Echo is in the living room. You can get the bedrooms ready with a quick command without having to get up. There’s no need to reach for your phone, and there’s no need to work your way around the house to use a remote. You just get the voice devices to do all the work for you with window shades in Orting in other rooms.

This is a great way to make your home work in the way that you want. It can seem lazy to some people, but it’s just convenient for you. Why wouldn’t you want your home to be convenient?

There Could Be a Problem with Ads

Let’s face it; technology is always keeping an eye on us. We can just have a conversation around our phones and then all of a sudden, we get ads for that item popping up on Facebook. It’s annoying, and it can feel like an invasion of privacy.

This can be a problem with voice activated devices. Suddenly, we get push notifications for suggestions when it comes to Amazon shopping, or Google ads start showing up with something connected to the way we control blinds. If you don’t want this, you’ll need to look at other ways to control your blinds.

It’s time to make your home convenient. One of the best ways to do that is to get window shades in Orting that are controlled via Amazon or Google.

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