Room Darkening vs. Blackout Shades in Enumclaw

Enumclaw blackout shades are popular options for bedrooms, but sometimes the blinds that look like they’re create complete darkness don’t work. What you’ve actually bought is room darkening blinds. They can block out some of the light, but will still allow about 5% into the room. It’s important to know which ones you’ve got before you buy!

Room Darkening for Those Who Don’t Like Complete Black

While you may be a light sleeper, you don’t want to plunge the whole room into darkness. Sometimes you like the moonlight helping you find your way through the dark room. This is when room darkening blinds can be good.

You’ll know a set of blinds are room darkening options from the thickness. Blackout shades in Enumclaw have multiple layers or are made with a thicker fabric. The extra layers help to stop light glaring through. It’s not all about the color! Room darkening blinds will be slightly thinner to allow about 5% of light to shine through.

While you may not be able to tell online or in a store, you will be able to tell as soon as you get the blinds home. Some stores will also show you the difference, by having a set up to indicate how much light will come through.

Blackout Shades for Shift Workers

If you need to sleep during the day, Enumclaw blackout shades are certainly going to be the best option for the home. They help to cut out 100% of the light, even in the middle of the day! The thickness of the fabric makes it so light just can’t pass through.

These can be great for nightshift workers, but not excellent for those on rotating shifts. Sometimes you want to keep some light in the room or you need to be able to see your way around. Room darkening blinds can still block out 95% of the sunlight coming through the room.

Don’t Forget to Ask for Samples

Before you order your blinds, talk to the company about getting samples. The majority of companies will offer free samples of the fabric. This is enough to test the style and thickness of the material against your own windows.

If you can’t get samples, look online for the reviews. You want to see how other customers have found the blackout shades in Enumclaw or whether room darkening options have worked the way they want. Check out the third-party review sites, where you’re more likely to see both positive and negative reviews.

Samples and reviews will also help you determine the best type of blinds for your home. Just because a friend says blackout shades are necessary, doesn’t mean they’re perfect for you. It’s a matter of preference.

Go into your blind hunt with an open mind. Consider your needs for your room and how the different types of shades will help. You’ll then find Enumclaw blackout shades or room darkening blinds that work best for you.

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