Roller vs. Roman Shades in Black Diamond: What’s the Difference?

You’re looking for the best window treatment for your home and have decided on shades. Now you need to choose between them. Chances are you’ve found roller shades and roman shades in Black Diamond that match your budget and seem to match your needs.

The big question for many is what the difference is. What’s the point in one over the other? Here’s a look at how they differ, how they’re similar, and which one could be right for you.

The Way They Look

One of the biggest differences between roller and roman shades in Black Diamond is the look. While they operate in the same way, the two don’t look the same.

Roller shades are just as they sound. They roll up on a bar, a little like rolling kitchen roll up or aluminum foil back up after unraveling. Everything sits around the bar and you just roll up and down when you need to open and close your blinds.

Roman shades in Black Diamond are slightly different. They pull up instead of rolling, usually stacking at the top. They can stack in two ways. Some will go one on top of the other and others will sit as if it cascades from the top. There are little loops that form in the material.

Taking Up Space

Because of the way the two different types of shades work, they take up a different amount of space when open. The roller shades are relatively easy to understand. Rolled up, they take up the width of the total material rolled around the bar.

The way Black Diamond roman shades sit will depend on the amount of space they take. Cascading shades can take up a lot of space at the top of the window, sometimes cutting off as much as the top third of the window. However, you get a beautiful pattern in that space.

Stacked shades will fit more snuggly at the top. However, it can still take up a lot of space within the top part of the window. You’ll usually get less window than you would with roller shades, but it’s easy to cover up this stack with a valance along the top of the window.

Different Types of Material

The type of material you get can sometimes be different. Most roller and roman shades in Black Diamond will be made of a fabric material. However, roller shades can sometimes come in a thin vinyl. This is more durable against the heat on the window but doesn’t always look at beautiful.

Roman shades also tend to be patterned differently. They have a regal look to them, which works well for the décor in the home. This is especially the case for cascading roman shades.

The type you get for your home will depend on a number of factors. You’ll want to decide how much window space you want to lose when the roller or roman shades in Black Diamond are open, while also thinking about the way you want to decorate this part of your room.

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