Pros and Cons of Vertical Blinds in Maple Valley

Maple Valley vertical blinds can be extremely beneficial for the home. They are especially useful if you have sliding doors or windows. Before you decide that vertical blinds are for you or not, here’s a look at the pros and cons of this type of blind.

Pro: Same Benefits as Venetian Blinds

If you love all the benefits of venetian blinds, then you’ll certainly want to consider vertical blinds in Maple Valley. The materials tend to be very similar. The only thing that you may miss is wooden blinds, but they don’t offer as many benefits as you would expect! You can get these types of blinds in faux wood and vinyl, offering the sound, light, and heat benefits.

Pro: Perfect for Sliding Doors and Windows

There’s no doubt that the blinds are perfect for those with sliding doors or windows. The blinds move in the same direction as the windows, helping to avoid anything getting in the way when you’re trying to quickly unlatch and pull. You will need to think about the direction that you install the blinds to ensure they move in the same directions to open and close for ease.

Pro: Range of Styles to Suit Your Décor

You can get Maple Valley vertical blinds in an array of styles and designs. Need narrow slats? There are plenty available. Want something bright and cheerful? There is something for you. You don’t have to just put up with a standard look and style, allowing you to make your full personality shine through.

Con: They Can Be Noisy

It’s hard to open and close the blinds without a sign. Maple Valley vertical blinds tend to catch slats and items of furniture when being slid open and close, with can cause distractions and annoyance. They can also blow in the wind, which leads to the slats banging together and interrupting you or your sleep.

Con: They Can Break Easily

All it takes is an accidental pull on the slats and they can break. This is a problem, especially, if you have pets or children. They don’t know that pulling on the slats will cause them to break away. While the slats can always be replaced, it takes time and costs extra money you may not want to spend. They’re the most delicate of all blinds, so if you have children this will be something you want to think carefully about.

Con: The Stack at the Side

You need the blinds to cover the whole window, which can cause problems when they’re open. The slats will stack together at the side, which can end up taking a chunk out of your window view when open. You may need to consider a longer blind frame, which will take up extra space along the wall.

Vertical blinds in Maple Valley are beautiful and beneficial, but you need to think about all the pros and cons. Consider your needs for blinds and your windows before you jump into any purchase.

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