Pros and Cons of Getting Vertical Blinds in Enumclaw

There are many types of window treatments available. You may have looked at a set of vertical blinds in Enumclaw, which can be great if you have large windows or your windows slide open and closed. However, like other window treatments, they’re not perfect. It’s important to look at the pros and cons to make sure these treatments are right for you.

Some of the benefits will depend on the material. Faux wood blinds offer far more benefits than fabric blinds, the latter of which can be great for those on a small budget. Here are the top pros and cons to consider.

Vertical Blinds Can Be Extremely Energy Efficient

Let’s start with the energy efficiency. Faux wood vertical blinds in Enumclaw can be excellent for keeping heat in the home during the winter and preventing the rise of temperatures in the summer. You can reduce the amount you use your heating and air conditioning, keeping your bills lows and helping the environment.

The downside with faux wood is after the use. The material doesn’t break down, adding to the landfill.

If you get fabric blinds, you don’t get the same energy efficiency levels. However, you’re getting something more than not having anything covering your windows at all.

You’ll Gain Plenty of Lighting Control

You can control the exact among of light you let into the home. The slats on vertical blinds in Enumclaw will twist, so you can control whether you allow any light in at all, whether it’s directed somewhere else, or whether you have the blinds open completely to let all the light in. This will depend on the direction of your windows and the amount of natural light compared to glare that you prefer.

The blinds aren’t as beneficial as the likes of solar shades for glare control. The slats will just change the direction of the light instead of filtering it out.

It Is Possible to Gain More Privacy

You will manage the sight into the home with vertical blinds in Enumclaw. You can control just how much people seein, which is great if you have large windows that face busy streets. It’s easier to feel more comfortable in the home.

There is a downside to this. Vertical blinds aren’t as beneficial as privacy screens or roller shades. When your slats are open to allow more light in, you may find that the view from the outside is clear.

Vertical Blinds in Enumclaw Can Be Noisy

Finally, you need to think about the noise. Faux wood blinds can be noisy if you have a window open. The wind will blow the slats and cause a clanging sound. This can be off-putting, especially if you sleep at night with the window open.

This downside isn’t as common with fabric blinds. You can also get something that holds the slats in place at the bottom, making it impossible for them to clang.

Like all window treatments, there are pros and cons to vertical blinds in Enumclaw. Now you need to decide if the window coverings are the best for your needs.

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