Is a Valance in Kent a Hypoallergenic Window Covering?

When it comes to window coverings, you need to think about allergies. Some materials cause more allergies than others, and sometimes in ways, you may not expect. Will adding a valance in Kent cause allergy issues? Can you get hypoallergenic options?

One of the problems with a valance is the fact it’s made of fabric materials. If you want a covering for the tops of your windows, you may want to look at cornices instead. However, here are steps to take to ensure your valances are hypoallergenic.

Opt for Hypoallergenic Materials

You can get a valance in Kent in multiple types of materials. You’ll want to look into how synthetic those materials are before you buy anything. Look for hypoallergenic options.

Natural materials are among the best for your window coverings. They won’t cause rashes on the skin when you touch them, and they can avoid other reactions when they hang in the home. You’re not getting rid of all allergy issues, but you are getting rid of major ones.

Cotton is one of the most popular natural materials. There are others that will suit your exact needs for your valances in the home. They will cost a little extra money, but they’re going to be worth it when it comes to allergic reactions.

Clean Your Valances Regularly

One of the main reasons window coverings cause allergies is the collection of dust and pet hair. Fabric window coverings are the worst, and it makes a valance in Kent a potential problem. You can end up with a lot of dust or pet hair collecting in the fibers of the fabric, leading to allergy symptoms.

It’s important to clean your window coverings on a regular basis. Look at vacuuming them on a weekly basis at least. You can use the upholstery nozzle on your vacuum to get rid of the buildup of dust and other items within the fibers. Do it when you vacuum your drapes or curtains if you have them.

You’ll then want to take down the valances and clean them thoroughly now and then. It’s important to get them through the wash, although make sure they are suitable for the washing machine and tumble dryer before you put them in.

Use Air Filters and Purifiers

Even with hypoallergenic window coverings, you’re not getting rid of all the problems in the home. You’ll need to look into getting something that purifies the air, even with or without a valance in Kent.

Air purifiers are great for getting rid of the dust buildup. You can also use filters if you have problems with pet hair. Make sure you clean them out regularly and look into using dehumidifiers to add another layer of protection if you suffer from allergies. They’re not perfect, but these products will help considerably.

Allergies cause all sorts of problems for people. Breathing issues are the worst, and your window coverings could be a contributing factor. You need to look at window coverings that aren’t going to cause allergic reactions, and that includes managing a valance in Kent.

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