How to Use Enumclaw Curtains in Any Room

Curtains in Enumclaw will work with almost every room in the home. The only two rooms you may want to reconsider the use are the kitchen and bathroom. Other than that, you can make the fabric window coverings work.

Not sure how they can match your décor? Here’s a look at how to use curtains in every room of your home.

Thick Curtains for the Den

The den or TV room is where you will need darkness during the daytime for some hours of the day. You may want to watch a movie when its noon, but need to block all sun from reflecting back on a dark TV screen.

You’ll want thick curtains for this room. Opt for darker colors that will completely block out the light. These curtains will also protect the room from UV damage more than lighter colors and materials.

Don’t forget about the heating benefits too. Thicker curtains will prevent more heat escaping in the winter and prevent heat coming through the windows in the summer. You get to spend less on heating and cooling your den.

Light Curtains for Living Rooms and Dining Rooms

You need to create a sense of space in your living rooms and dining rooms. You want to let as much light into the rooms as possible, giving the sense of being welcome in the rooms. The dining room especially needs to be light, as you’ll want to eat without the constant need for your electricity being in use.

Opt for lighter shades and materials. White can make excellent choices for most living rooms and dining rooms. It’s a neutral color that will work with almost any décor. If you have pets, opt for a yellow, brown, or even grey. The discoloration from pet hair and mess won’t matter as much.

You can also use net curtains in Enumclaw for these rooms. The netting will help to keep viewers on the street out, adding more privacy to your home. The net will also offer an extra layer of protection from UV damage.

Dark but Thin for Bedrooms

You want to keep the air flowing around the bedroom, but cut out as much light as possible. This is especially a need for a child’s room. You want darker shades that will block out more light, including daylight on a morning. However, thinner material will help to prevent a huge heat buildup, especially in the winter months.

Look out for cotton, polyester, and other materials for your Enumclaw curtains for the bedroom. You can have fun with colors to work with personalities and style within this room. You’ll find cartoon characters, bright pinks and purples, starry blues, and much more. You may even find black to help block out all light.

Light for Smaller Rooms

If you have a small room, you’ll want to consider lighter colors. Dark colors will draw in the walls and make the room look much smaller. Light curtains will help to increase the look of the space, especially if you put a mirror opposite the window.

Larger rooms will work with all colors and shades. You’re lucky if all your rooms are big!

You can use Enumclaw curtains in each room of the house. Make sure you think about the uses of the rooms and the needs from your window coverings to get the perfect material, style, and colors.

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