How to Prevent Your Wood Blinds in Black Diamond from Warping

Real wood blinds in Black Diamond have one downside. They warp in the heat. This can make them undesirable for many homes, especially if you have south-facing windows. But there are steps you can take to look after your wooden blinds.

Get Window Tints

One of the best options is to reduce the amount of UV rays and heat coming into your home. While window treatments do that, you can do something else that helps to protect your furniture, your blinds, and much more. Window tints are perfect.

The tints will permanently change the look of your windows. They add a darker layer, a little like tinting glasses to make them into sunglasses. You can get different levels of tint, whether you just want one level darker or a much darker effect for the rooms that get a lot of summer.

Tints helps to cut out the UV rays completely. You’ll need to make sure they’re made properly to they do cut out glare and rays instead of making them worse.

Get a Treatment Over the Blinds in Black Diamond

Another option is to treat the blinds directly. This will help to avoid the rays from hitting the actual wood. At the same time, you won’t have to deal with the tints on your window that permanently create a darker space. There’s no need to worry about losing some of the light, especially in the winter months.

You can still get the wood blinds in different styles and colors. The treatments aren’t visible, which means you still get to keep the natural look to the wood if you wish. You can also get the woods stained or painted another color, keeping those colors with the protective treatments.

The downside to this is the chemicals used on the wood. They can seep through cracks in the wood and cause the blinds to deteriorate. You also lose some of the environmental benefits as the treatments don’t degrade like natural wood does to protect the environment.

Use a Net Curtain

Between the window and the blinds in Black Diamond, you could make the decision to use a net curtain. This is more traditionally used with curtains and drapes for similar reasons. The curtains will offer an extra layer for the UV rays to get through, helping to prevent as much potential damaging coming through.

White net curtains are extremely common. The white is reflective, encouraging the rays to bounce back before any of them reach the wood, so the blinds don’t warp.

Get Faux Wood Blinds

Finally, you have the option of getting faux wood. This is the next stage from getting a treatment over the wood. Faux wood blinds in Black Diamond are beautiful additions to the home, coming in a range of colors and styles. They look like the real deal but they don’t warp and they tend to withstand the test of time.

While you can prevent wood blinds in Black Diamond from warping, you’ve got to consider the pros and cons. Sometimes, getting faux wood is the way to go.

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