How to Pair Your Drapes in Enumclaw with Vertical Blinds

You’ve got vertical blinds currently installed in your home. They can be highly practical but they’re not for everyone. Sometimes you want to hide your blinds or you may just want more effectiveness with the use of drapes in Enumclaw.

The two types of window coverings can work together. You just need to think carefully about how you’re going to pair them together. Here are four quick tips to help.

Build from the Base Up

If you already have the vertical blinds installed, this is great. You want to treat your blinds as the base for your color scheme and the patterns. There are high chances that you got a white set of vertical blinds, which will come in use when pairing with a set of drapes in Enumclaw.

For those who haven’t chosen anything yet, work with the blinds first. They’re going to be easier to build up on since drapes offer more color and pattern choices.

Make Sure One Is Plain

You’ve got a printed set of blinds. You may be tempted to get a patterned set of drapes to complement, but you want to avoid this. Too many prints will overpower the look and become noisy.

Always work with one of your window treatments being plain. Just select a bold color that you can build upon with a set of prints. Plain vertical blinds are the easiest. You tend to find drapes in Enumclaw are more effective with prints than a set of blinds.

However, if you already have a set of blinds that have some sort of print or pattern, look for a plain set of drapes. Pull the focus on the print on the blinds instead of overwhelming the windows.

Hang Blinds in the Window Frame

If you haven’t hung the vertical blinds yet, look at hanging them on the inside of your window frames. You’ll want a shorter set of blinds, so they hang almost touching the windowsill. You can then hand the drapes in Enumclaw around the outside of the frame.

You want to try to avoid both sets of window treatments on the outside of the frame. If you do have to because your blinds are already hanging, make sure the drapes are long enough to hang from above the blinds. They need to be larger in all dimensions, which is why hanging from the inside is easier.

You can always get your vertical blinds taken down and changed to hang from the inside of the frame. Use the runner of the blinds as your hanger for the drapes. You can look at getting hooks or work with clips to hang the drapes from the vertical blind runner. This is also useful if you wanted to take down the blinds completely in place of your drapes or curtains.

You can work drapes in Enumclaw with almost any type of other window treatment. Even vertical blinds can be doubled with drapes, but you will need to think about the way the two hang to work them together.

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