How to Make Your Window Curtains in Kent Work with Your Shutters

You’ve decided on shutters, but you still want to add Kent window curtains to frame your windows. They can help to add a beautiful break between walls and shutters. Now you need to find a way to make the two different window treatments work together. Here are three steps to ensure your curtains and shutters complement each other.

Consider Your Shutter Style First

Before buying window curtains in Kent, look at the type of shutters you have. The shutter types will affect the amount of light designed to enter the home when in use and how often the shutters are used. This can affect the thickness and colors of curtains you buy.

For example, café and plantation shutters can remain closed at all times. You change the position of the shutters or the slats to allow light to enter. The idea is to be brighter and more airy, so you’ll want curtains to work with that look.

If you have boarded shutters, you’ll want to block all light out at times. Sometimes you may have cut-outs within the wood, but your aim is to block out as much light as possible. You’ll want to complement that with thicker, darker curtains that offer the same benefits.

Work with the Décor and Colors

Do you already have dark colored shutters? You can often get lighter curtains to stand out against the shutters. This is especially the case if your walls are darker colors too. You get the break between wall and shutter the way your framing curtains are designed to work. Of course, if your walls and shutters are lighter, you’ll want the darker Kent window curtains to get the same benefit.

The idea is that your curtains stand out against your shutters when doing this. If you want your curtains work blend with walls and shutters, you’ll want to use the same colors. This is usually cream or white.

However, you can also help make your shutters stand out against the walls. Sometimes you’ll have a contrasting, bright color shutter to work against darker paint colors on the walls. Use curtains in a similar color to the wall, so your shutters still stand out. You can also opt for the darker colors with patterns in the same color as your shutters, helping to bring out the shutter color more.

Another option is to work with a slightly different shade of curtain color. If your shutters are white and your walls lilac (for example), work with darker purple window curtains in Kent. You can even have white polka dots on dark purple. The curtains stand out slightly from the walls, but the focus remains on the shutters.

Keep the Material Light

For the majority of indoor shutters, you’re going to want to keep the material light. The shutters do the light control, so your curtains are just for decorative purposes. Light materials, like linen or silk, will keep the airy, calming feeling in rooms. This is particularly beneficial for living rooms and bedrooms.

You don’t need to worry about that much UV damage to your curtains, so thinner materials are durable. The shutters take most of the UV damage.

It’s time to get Kent window curtains for your shutters. They make beautiful decorative pieces and can help to expand your room. Just make sure your curtains and shutters work together with the three steps above.

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