How to Make Your Home Feel Cozy in the Winter with Drapes in Maple Valley

Drapes in Maple Valley offer a range of benefits. When it comes to the winter months, they help to reduce glare from winter sun, improve heat consistency in the home, and make the room feel cozy. To get that cozy feeling, you need to think about the likes of color, material, and style. Here’s all you need to make your home feel cozy with drapes.

Opt for Thicker Material

Start by looking at the type of material you’re going to hang around your home. While the light and airy material is excellent for the summer, it’s not great for adding a cozy feeling to a room in the winter. Try drapes in Maple Valley that have a thicker material.

This doesn’t mean you have to choose thermal drapes if you don’t want. Consider velvet or a stronger fabric to hang. You can also get away with double-layered material just to create that sense of warmth and comfort.

Choose Dark or Warm Colors

You may want to dress a room for the season, bringing in a sense of the colors associated with the season to your home. When you do this with drapes in Maple Valley, you run the risk of creating a cold space in your room. Winter colors are white, silver, and blue. They psychologically leave a cold feeling when it’s cold outside.

Work with darker or warmer colors. You don’t need black if you don’t want, but look out for dark blues, dark purples, dark reds, and even dark greens. You can bring a sense of the evergreen forest or just a feeling of royalty in the home. You instantly feel warmer and that makes you feel cozy.

Double Up Blinds and Drapes in Maple Valley

Don’t just rely on your drapes to do add all the coziness to your room. One of the best ways to get a cozy feeling is to feel safe and secure. You want to feel like you have privacy and you need to feel like your room is going to be warm. This is through more than just color and material.

One of the best options is to double up your drapes with another window treatment. You want to add an extra layer against your windows, blocking out the events going on outside and preventing more heat from escaping. Blinds are among the best as they are more energy efficient and work well with drapes in Maple Valley. You can also opt for shades or shutters if you’d like.

Alternatively, opt for exterior shutters. You’ll need to go outside to use them on a night, but they can offer that extra sense of security in the home. You get the extra barrier and protection, helping to create that cozy feeling.

Your drapes in Maple Valley are one of the easiest ways to get a sense of coziness and warmth in your home during the winter. Follow the above three tips and you’ll never have to feel on edge or cold again.

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