How Draperies in Maple Valley Will Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter

It won’t be long before the winter months are here. That means you’ll need to use the heating more, but you don’t necessarily want to. The downside of having the heating on is the higher bills. How about using something like draperies in Maple Valley instead?

You may not think that drapes are any good for heating benefits. In fact, you’ll hear some companies tell you that they’re not beneficial, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s how draperies will keep your home warm in the winter.

Perfect Double Ups for Your Windows

One of the easiest ways to offer extra heat is to double up on other window treatments. Whether you have shades, shutters, or blinds, you can hang draperies in Maple Valley over the top. You instantly get an extra layer against the heat trying to escape through your windows.

Some doubling up works better than others. You’ll find you gain more benefits with drapes and blinds or drapes and shutters compared to drapes and shades.

Thick Curtains for Insulation

Even on their own, draperies in Maple Valley will offer heating benefits. This is especially the case if you have thick or thermal drapes. The material offers insulation around the windows, making it harder for the heat to get through the windows.

Heat is likely to escape through the windows. It wants to heat up the colder air outside. You need something that keeps the heat away from that cooler air.

Draperies in Maple Valley Prevent Heat Escaping Through the Doors

Like the windows, the doors will see a lot of heat escaping. This is often around the cracks, such as under the door or even over the top. Whether it’s the door to the outside or just the doors to other rooms, you’ll want to hang a set of drapes.

The doors to the outside is obvious. That benefit works the same as the windows. But what about the doors to other rooms? The theory is similar. The other rooms are likely to be colder as you don’t use the heating in the rooms you’re not in. You want to prevent the heat escaping under the door into these colder rooms.

That Sense of Coziness

You’ve also got to think about the psychological benefits of having the draperies in Maple Valley in your home. Just the look of the curtains around your windows will make you feel warmer. That psychological benefit is excellent. You don’t feel the need to put the heating on, even if the temperatures do start dropping.

Some of this benefit comes from the color of your curtains or drapes. If you go for darker colors, you get that sense of the room being smaller, which means it stays warmer for longer and takes less time to get to that temperature.

It’s time to think about adding draperies in Maple Valley to all the rooms in your home. They are excellent for blocking the heat escaping, leaving you with a warmer home in the coldest months.

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