Do You Want Inside or Outside Mounted Curtains in Kent?

When it comes to window treatments, you need to look at mounting them. The best placement for your window treatments will depend on the specific type you get. When it comes to curtains in Kent, do you opt for inside or outside mounts?

 While there aren’t any wrong or right answers, outside mounted curtains tend to work better. They also look better for those longer drapes or curtains. But it is going to depend on the specific style.

 Inside Mounts for Net Curtains

 If you have a set of net curtains or even small sheer curtains, you’ll want to mount them on the inside of your windows. These are designed just to sit within the windows. They don’t pull any wider, so there’s no need tomount on the outside. When you do mount on the outside, you end up leaving gaps that the heat will escape through.

 Net and sheer curtains in Kent are designed to add beauty and offer privacy. In many cases, they hang from the halfway point within the window, so hanging on the outside will look strange.

 Hang from the Midpoint

 When you have full-length curtains in Kent, you’ll need to hang from the outside. The mounting should sit halfway between the ceiling and the top of the window. In some cases, you’ll sit the rod as close to the ceiling as possible. The curtains then hang all the way to the floor—or at least as close as possible.

 When you hang curtains like this, you gain the look of a larger room. The ceilings look higher because the curtains take up the whole space. You can offer a sense that those cramped rooms are large and majestic after all.

 Hanging too low down will make the dimensions of the room look off. Even when your curtains reach the floor, the low, inside-mounted rod will draw the attention to the weird situation.

 It Depends on the Length of the Curtains in Kent

 In the end, it really is going to depend on the length of your curtains. If you have short curtains, you’ll likely want to think about hanging on the inside of your window frames. You’ll avoid drawing too much attention to the shorter bottom. In fact, inside mounts may be the only option otherwise you don’t even cover the entire window!

 If you have long curtains, consider the external mounts. Opt for rods that sit closer to the ceiling. You’ll avoid too much drooping on the floor, while also creating that sense of size and height.

 Renting vs. Owning Your Home

 One thing to consider before choosing a mount for your curtains in Kent is whether you rent or own your home. If you rent your property, you may not want to add external mounts. They require some drilling into the wall, which can leadto damage you need to repair when you move out.

 Tension rods are great to avoid damage. You get useable curtains without paying for the damage in the future. So, you need inside-mounted rods.

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