Do You Need to Paint Your Shutters in Kent?

When you got shutters in Kent, you knew that they were a long-term commitment. They’re an investment in your home, and you should have made sure they would work for whatever décor styles you had in mind.

However, now you’re wondering about painting them. Maybe they don’t match a new décor idea, or maybe you’re just fed up of looking at the current boring neutral tones. Do you really need to paint your shutters, though?

Touch Up the Exterior Shutters for Better Protection

If you have exterior shutters in Kent, you’ll want to touch up the paintwork now and then. This isn’t to help it match décor, but to make sure the shutters will last for longer. Chipped paint happens as debris flies around. This chipped paint exposes some of the wood and can lead to damage to the shutters.

When you touch up the paint, you’ll want to sand down the shutters. Varnish it to add another layer of protection and then repaint the whole shutter. You’ll want to do this with all shutters on the outside of your home.

Touching Up the Paintwork on Interior Shutters in Kent

If you have already painted your shutters inside your home, you may want to consider touching it up. This isn’t always necessary. With good maintenance, you’ll usually find that your shutters look great for the years to come. It doesn’t matter what color they are. Unlike exterior shutters, they don’t face the debris flying around.

However, if your paintwork starts to chip, you’ll need to repaint. Sand down and paint over so you get an even layer. Try to stick to the same color as the other shutters. This way, you only have to do one of them.

Painting Your Shutters Another Color

When you got your shutters in Kent, you hopefully got a neutral tone. This will work with all décor needs, and you don’t need to repaint them. If you really want to add a splash of color, you can always get a set of low-cost drapes for around your windows. Even if you don’t use them for practical needs, you have the color needs.

But what if you’re fed up of the color of your shutters? You want your home to speak to your personality and style. You’ll want to add your favorite colors. Paint away, but think about the long-term problems of this—will the color match your décor in five years time or will you need to repaint again?

What about if you have dark shutters and they’re making your room look small? This is a good reason to repaint. You want to keep things neutral but opt for a lighter color. You can sand down to get rid of all the black and opt for a light brown, a grey, or even a cream or white.

You don’t need to repaint your shutters in Kent. The idea is to get a set of shutters that you can put up and just clean to maintain. However, there are times that painting is a good idea.

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