Do Blackout Shades in Maple Valley Block Out All Light?

You know the idea behind blackout shades in Maple Valley. The material is supposed to block out the light shining through, making it look like night even during the day.

When you bought blackout shades in the past, you may have seen light coming through. Or maybe you’ve heard from friends that certain blackout shades didn’t work. Before you buy a set, you need to know that they actually work.

Real Blackout Shades in Maple Valley Will Work

Make sure you look into the details of the blackout shades. You’ll want to look into the material used and any claims made by the brand. True blackout shades are going to block all the light coming through the window.

You’ll be able to see from customer reviews if they do work. If someone says that the room is darker but not completely light night, these shades aren’t the real blackout options you can get. Blackout shades are made with much thicker materials that will make it look pitch black in a room even if the sun should be shining through the window at full intensity.

It doesn’t matter about the color. It’s all about the material.

Watch Out for Gaps at the Edges

You will need to make sure the blackout shades in Maple Valley fit your windows. If they don’t fit in the window properly, there is going to be a problem. The biggest issue is when you have small gaps at the side.

The gaps are often there when you mount the shades in the window frame. The manufacturers try to avoid allowing the material of the shade to hit the sides of the window frame to avoid the material catching and getting damaged. This leads to small gaps that will allow the light to shine through.

You may also choose premade shades. If you want to mount on the inside, you may go for slightly smaller, which then leads to gaps. If you’re going to get premade window coverings, you’ll want to look at getting them mounted on the outside of the window frame. You can go slightly larger, which means you get rid of the gaps.

Material Thickness Is Important

As mentioned, it’s all about the material thickness. You can get black window coverings and they can still end up letting light in. When you get blackout shades in Maple Valley, you want to make sure the material is thick enough. It should be opaque.

This does have the downside of blocking the light during the day when you may not want to. You also block the view completely out of the window when they’re in use. If you want to let a little light in, you need room darkening shades, and they’re not the same. They’re made with slightly thinner materials.

When you want to block out all the natural light shining through, you’ll need to look at getting blackout shades in Maple Valley. They do work, but you need to make sure you get the right style, material, and size.

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