Can You Really Gain Heating Benefits from Your Drapes in Black Diamond?

Whether you’re moving into rented or own accommodation, you’ll have to think about window coverings. It’s important to make the most of your choice, finding something in your budget that offers a range of benefits. Black Diamond drapes can be perfect for many, especially those going into a rented property.

One of the biggest benefits touted of various window treatments is heating benefits. However, will your drapes offer you the heating benefits you need in your home?

It All Depends on the Material

Drapes in Black Diamond come in a range of material and styles. It’s not the actual material, but the thickness that has an effect on the heating benefits. Naturally, something that is thicker is going to offer more heating benefits than something that is thinner! We all know that, right?

This works with drapes. The drapes with a lining and a couple of layers of material will help to block more heat into a home than drapes that are slightly transparent. By locking the heat in the home, you’ll be able to use the heating less and save money throughout the winter months. This works the other way, too, keeping the heat out in the summer so you don’t need the air conditioning as much.

Thicker materials will also give you the placebo effect. You look at the drapes in Black Diamond and think they’re warming, making you feel warmer within. There’s this feeling like you shouldn’t need the heating on, so you don’t use it as much during the winter.

It Depends on the Color

Like the thickness, the color will have an effect on the heating benefits you gain. Contrary to popular belief, lighter colors are good for gaining more heating benefits—well, more like cooling benefits in the summer.

Darker colors will absorb the heat. During the summer they can bring more heat into your home and in the winter absorb the heat from a room. Lighter colors will reflect the light and the heat. You end up keeping the heat on the right side of the material.

You Can Double Up

Black Diamond drapes have the benefit of being doubled with other window coverings. They look beautiful with shades and shutters, offering more benefits. You don’t need to feel like you’ve wasted money with the drapes first. You have the time to save for the secondary items that match with your drapes. The two work together to continue full heating benefits throughout the year.

You’ll want to think about everything you need to make the most of doubling up. This doesn’t just offer heating benefits, but also privacy and lighting benefits if you choose the right options.

Black Diamond drapes can be extremely beneficial for your home. It’s possible to save money on the heating bills through them, but you need to make the right choices in material and thickness. There’s no need to go vintage if you don’t want to get the drape heating benefits.

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