Can You Get Heat Benefits from Roller Shades in Enumclaw This Winter?

The winter is here, and now you’re looking for ways to keep your home as warm as possible. Your window coverings are essential. If you already have roller shades in Enumclaw from the summer, you’ll want to know if they’re any good for the winter.

The good news is you don’t need to instantly get rid of them. While they’re not perfect, they can still offer some benefits, and you can also double them up. Here’s how you’ll gain heat benefits from your roller shades.

It All Depends on the Material

Part of the benefits will depend on the material you get. For example, solar shades are going to be the best type of roller shades in Enumclaw for heat management. However, vinyl shades or blackout shades can be excellent.

The thicker the material, the harder it is for the heat to escape. This helps to keep the heating in the home, rather than warming up the air outside, so you end up with the heating on less.

Of course, the thicker materials get rid of some of the lighting benefits. This is where the next benefit comes into play.

You’ll Allow Some UV Rays in When You Need Them

You don’t need to have the roller shades in Enumclaw closed to gain heating benefits. During the day, you’ll want to let the sun through the windows. The rays will naturally heat the home, helping to reduce the need for the heating to turn on. But you only get that if you don’t block the whole window.

You can roll your shades down a little. This will block the glare from the sun, but still, make it possible for the UV rays to get through the bottom part of your window. Or you can leave the blinds open completely for full UV benefits.

Roller Shades in Enumclaw Offer Mental Health Benefits

There are some mental benefits of getting roller shades. It’s all about the color.

If you get “warm” colors, you’ll get the sense that it’s much warmer in your home. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a warm forest or that it’s the middle of summer. If you get “cold” colors, you’ll make yourself feel cold mentally.

It’s important to think about how particular colors make you feel. Light blues can be icy, but reds and oranges make you think of fire and warmth.

They’re Easy to Double Up with Other Window Treatments

The biggest benefit of roller shares in Enumclaw is the ability to double up your window coverings. You can place your shades on the inside of your window frame, making it easy to add a set of thermal drapes for all the heating benefits you need.

You’ll get to pull on the shades and curtains for that extra warmth when the sunsets. But you don’t need to use the drapes until the sun has gone down, keeping all the other benefits above.

Don’t get rid of your roller shades in Enumclaw just because it’s winter. There are some excellent benefits to gain throughout this time of year.

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