Black Diamond Roller Shades vs. Roller Blinds: What’s the Difference?

Roller shades and roller blinds are often terms used interchangeably, but they’re not actually the same thing. There are slight differences that could affect your buying choices. Here’s a look at the top differences between roller blinds and roller shades in Black Diamond to decide the best option for your home.

It’s All About the Material

The big difference is in the material. Shades are often made with fabric, while blinds are usually made of a more durable material. The term “blinds” tends to cover the venetian or vertical slat types of treatments, but they can cover the roller variety. You can get thinner PVC material that pulls up easily. However, most of the time you’re going to find fabric shades instead.

Before you decide on an option, you’ll want to consider the material. It’s this that offers the next differences between the two. However, the material doesn’t affect your style and décor choices. You can usually get the same coloring and pattern choices regardless of material.

Better Heating Benefits

Black Diamond roller shades are considered for their heating benefits, but it’s actually the roller blinds that offer this. This is linked to the material. While the PVC may be thinner than on other types of blinds, it’s still thicker and more heating effective compared to the fabric of blinds.

The shades’ fabric usually has slight holes that allow some of the light in, especially in room darkening rather than blackout shades. These small holes can lead to the heat escaping or coming into the home.

Better Blackout Effects

If you want the full blackout effect in a room, you’ll want to consider roller blinds. These types of window treatments are solid and allow no light through them at all. The use of the blinds will also offer better privacy for those inside the home.

The shades are good when you want room darkening rather than blackout. If you’re putting them in a living room or in an adult bedroom, you may not need to turn your home pitch black to help with sleeping.

Of course, you can get roller shades in Black Diamond that create a blackout effect. It depends on the thickness of the fabric.

Adding Solar Styles

Solar shades are often a type of roller shade. They work in the same way as rollers, but they offer very different benefits. You can’t get this style if you opt for the blinds, but you can with the fabric shades.

Solar roller shades in Black Diamond are perfect for conservatories. You have the chance to blocking UV rays and glare, but allowing the light to come into the room naturally. These offer plenty of privacy during the day, as they create a mirrored effect on the side that the light shines from.

Before you choose your window covering options, consider the differences between the terms. Black Diamond roller shades and roller blinds are two very different types and offer very different benefits.

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