Barn or Plantation Shutters in Enumclaw: Which Is Right for You?

You know you want a set of shutters in Enumclaw. That was the easiest part of choosing your window treatments. They’ve been considerations ever since you decided to own your own home. Now it’s time to go out and buy.

 Of course, now you realize there are multiple options when it comes to shutters. You can get barn or plantation shutters. And they are both very different to each other. Here’s a look at both to figure out which is right for you.

 Plantation When You Want Full Light Control

 One of the biggest benefits of plantation shutters compared to bar shutters in Enumclaw is the louvers. They allow you to have the shutters completely closed, but you’ll still be able to allow the light into the home. You just turn the louvers, a little like you would with a set of slat blinds.

 When you want privacy in your home but still allow some of the beautiful sunlight to shine through, you haven’t got an issue. However, when you do want to create a blackout effect, that is an option by completely closing the louvers.

 Barn When You Want Complete Privacy 

If you don’t mind not having full lighting control, you may want to consider barn shutters in Enumclaw. They are among the best options for complete privacy. You get a set of shutters that look exactly like a set of doors for your windows.

 Barn shutters are like barn doors. Whether made of faux or real wood, they don’t have louvers to turn and create a solid barrier that nobody can see through. When the shutters are closed, nobody can see through. You can have the lights on in the home but nobody would know you’re in, making you feel more comfortable.

 Plantation Shutters in Enumclaw When You Want Modern Window Treatments

 A great benefit of plantation shutters is that they are vintage options that look modern. Part of that is because they allow plenty of light in and they tend to be made with white-painted faux wood. Just allowing more light in makes the window treatments look minimalistic and modern.

 If you want something that works for your current-day décor, plantation shutters are the way to go. Barn shutters tend to feel more rustic and old school.

 Barn When You Want the Best Storm Protection

 Barn shutters in Enumclaw certainly do have their place. They offer complete coverage. This can be a downside if you want light, but when it comes to stormy weather, they’re perfect. The barriers offer full protection for your windows during the worst weather you could face. There’s a lower chance of your windows being damaged.

 Plantation shutters can offer this benefit, but the louvers cause a slight weakness to sections of the shutters. Barn shutters have solid wood across the entire treatment, making the windows much more secure.

 You can always have a set of plantation shutters on the inside if you want. Just use the exterior shutters when you know there’s bad weather coming. You get the best of both worlds when it comes to shutters in Enumclaw.

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