4Tips to Clean Patio Screens in Mapple Valley

Mapple Valley patio screens are excellent wants to protect the home from bugs without having to keep doors and windows closed. They allow the breeze to blow through the home, keeping it cool and fresh throughout the day. They will require some maintenance. Here are all the tips you need to keep your patio screens dirt free.

Get a Mixture of Ammonia and Water

Don’t rely on soapy water to clean your patio screens in Mapple Valley. Despite other window treatments only needing this, the screens will come up against a lot of other chemicals, toxins, and pollutants. You need a mixture of ammonia and water to make sure you clean the metal thoroughly.

The mixture will help to clear up all bacteria and microorganisms growing within the mesh of the screens. You’ll also be able to get rid of grease and grime that is collected throughout the year.

Use a Spray Bottle for Your Mixture

A water hose is popular for mesh screens, but it isn’t enough. You need to put your ammonia mixture into a spray bottle. This will allow you to get much closer to the mesh, so you can get into all the little sections.

Don’t forget to have your nose and mouth covered. The ammonia can be irritating if you breathe it in. This is especially the case if you have some health problems.

Allow the mixture to sit on the screen for a few minutes. This gives it a chance to get into the debris and remove everything that has gathered. You’ll loosen the dirt to make it easier when you use a clean cloth or a water hose to remove the ammonia mixture.

Scrub with Steel Wool

Before you wash the ammonia mixture off your patio screens in Mapple Valley, you’ll need to do some scrubbing. Steel wool is the best option. It’s versatile, so won’t crumble and disintegrate in the ammonia mixture. The durability also helps to avoid it wearing down when scrubbing against the metal mesh.

You can use a scrub brush instead, if you want. This will help you get into the mesh without putting your fingers too close to the ammonia mixture. It’s best to wear rubber gloves anyway. This can help to prevent the cleaning mixture from burning and irritating the skin.

The scrub brush is useful for the tracks and rollers. These are often forgotten areas while cleaning, since the mesh can take so long. However, these areas collect a lot of dirt and grime.

Use a Lubricant in the Tracks

Now that you’ve cleaned everything, you need to make sure the Mapple Valley patio screens can still move easily. Lubricating the tracks is the best option. This will help to avoid damaging the screens when using them on a daily basis, especially in colder weather. Make sure you get lubricant that is suitable for the type of screen you have.

Take the steps to thoroughly clean your patio screens in Mapple Valley. You’ll have screens that look clear and will allow you to enjoy the view from the open door and window.


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