4 Types of Window Coverings in Kent for the Conservatory in the Winter

With the winter just around the corner, you’re likely looking at ways to keep the home warm. Your window coverings in Kent will help to do that. But what about when it comes to the conservatory?

 This can be one of the hardest rooms to get window treatments for, depending on the style of conservatory. It’s also one of the hardest rooms to keep warm in the winter. Here are four types of window coverings to consider for your conservatory in the winter.

 Get Motorized Shades for the Ceiling

 If you have windows on the ceiling of your conservatory, you’ll find them the hardest to block during the winter months. Heat rises and will escape through those windows. The last thing you want to do is try to reach up for blinds.

 Get a set of motorized window coverings in Kent for these windows. You can even get a set that will work all the way down the windows to the floor, making your home more comfortable to live in throughout the year.

 Consider Cellular Shades as Affordable Window Coverings in Kent 

Some of the best window treatments are cellular shades. They’re affordable and effective at the same time. They can be among the best for your windows in the conservatory, especially in the winter.

 The cells work by circulating the air. As the heat tries to escape, it will circulate back into the conservatory. Because of the light fabric material, they can also be used during the day without losing too much light. 

Get Thermal Blinds for the Windows 

Consider thermal blinds. You’ll likely only use these window coverings in Kent during the winter months, but they’re worthwhile to block the heat from escaping through the windows. 

One of the downsides to thermal blinds is the thickness. They act like blackout blinds, which can mean getting rid of all the light during the daytime. The point of your conservatory is to sit in there and get all the light you could need during the day.

 You can double up with the thermal blinds and some solar shades. This allows you to get the best of both worlds in the day and night. 

Consider Solar-Roller Double Blinds for the Conservatory

 Look at getting the dual-purpose blinds. You get two blinds for the price of one, creating an excellent option for your windows throughout the year. You have a solar shade closer to the window and then a full roller shade to pull down. The two layers can work together to prevent heat from escaping during the winter months.

 During the day, you can use the solar shades elements of the window coverings in Kent. You’ll prevent the glare from the winter sun but keep some of the heat escaping. On a night, you use the secondary layer, blocking all heat from escaping as the temperatures drop considerably outside.

 With the above window coverings in Kent, your conservatory remains comfortable throughout the year. While they’re not perfect, they’re among the best options for your conservatory windows in the winter.

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