4 Types of Blinds for Your Maple Valley Home

You know you want blinds for your Maple Valley home. Now you just need to decide on the type of blinds. Yes, there are different types of blinds in to consider. Here’s a look at the main four types to find the best one for your exact needs.

Blackout Blinds for Bedrooms

If you have kids, you may want to consider blackout blinds. They are just what they sound like. They’re made of dark colors that will block all light coming in or out. It’s impossible to see into the window, but also helps to prevent light shining through from outside. If it’s still daylight in the summer, your kids won’t realize due to the darkness of the room. They stay asleep for longer.

Blackout blinds can be good for other bedrooms, but they’re not as necessary. They’re perfect for kids’ rooms. Make sure you pick up cordless blackout blinds in Maple Valley to protect your kids.

Solar Shades in the Living Room

Solar shades tend to be in lighter colors and materials, allowing some light into the room. These make good options for living rooms, as they take away some of the glare but don’t shroud a room in darkness.

It’s possible to control the amount of light coming in by rolling the shade up and down. You also can protect the room from UV damage, as the blind will take the majority of the sun’s rays. Lighter colors won’t absorb as much of the rays as darker colors, which means they last a little longer than blackout blinds.

Slat Blinds for the Kitchen

What about the kitchen or bathroom? These can be rooms that you don’t spend too much time in, but you still want to control the light. You also want window coverings that offer a little extra privacy. This is where slat blinds come into use.

Slat blinds allow you a little more light control. You can twist the slats so they direct the sun’s rays to other points around the room. You can completely block them or pull the blinds up entirely to let all the light into the room.

Slat blinds come in the most materials. You can get wooden blinds to create a rustic look or metal blinds for easier cleaning. Fabric or vinyl blinds also are available for something highly affordable and easy to work with all decors.

Cordless Blinds for Safety

There are two main options when it comes to all types of blinds: corded or cordless. Many companies are now moving into only offering cordless blinds due to the safety issue of corded blinds. Cords easily become tangled. Kids and pets don’t realize the danger of putting their heads through the cord loops, and some get trapped accidentally.

Regardless of all the other types of blinds in Maple Valley available, you may want to consider cordless. They will give you peace of mind in any room.

It’s time to decide on a type of blind for your home. There are just so many types that it can become tricky to choose between them. The guide above will give you an idea of how the main types of blinds are used to help you find the best type for your exact needs. Also, be sure to take advantage of your Maple Valley Budget Blinds Style Consultant as your personal expert resource!

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