4 Top Tips for Window Treatments in Black Diamond for Good Curb Appeal

You may have heard of the term “Skittles windows.” This is usually used to describe a house where different window treatments in Black Diamond are used throughout the home, preventing a uniform look from the street. It disrupts the curb appeal of your house and the entire street.

Some housing associations will have rules about window treatments, including the need to have all white coverings on the windows that face the street. It’s time to follow these top tips for your window treatments so you get good curb appeal.

Have a White/Plain Layer

Let’s start with a very quick and easy hack for matching window treatments in Black Diamond. All you need is a layer that will look white or plain. This layer is used for every window in the home, so it looks like you have matching window treatments from the outside.

This is very easy if you have shades or drapes for your windows. You can have a net curtain or a set of sheer drapes that will work as that layer closest to the window. The material will cover the look of the actual window treatments you install on the inside.

You can do the same with blinds and shutters. However, there is another step you could take instead.

Opt for Blinds or Shades with a White Side

How about getting blinds, shades, or shutters that work for the interior décor in the way you want but still look neutral and uniform on the outside. You want one side of your blinds to be white or plain. This side will look out of the windows when your blinds or shutters are closed, creating good curb appeal.

On the inside, you still get your chosen décor. You can opt for neutral colors everywhere if you want on the side (great for changing other décor) or you can opt for bright and bold colors to work for the décor of the specific room.

Choose the Same Window Treatments in Black Diamond

Of course, you could just choose to have the same window treatments throughout the home. This is the easiest way to get a matching look from the outside. Every single room in the home has one treatment type, whether it’s a roller shade or a type of shutter.

But what about creating personality in the room? This is what a secondary window treatment is for. You could have plain white plantation shutters throughout the home. You’ll gain a range of internal benefits from having them, while creating a uniform look from the outside.

Then you have a set of drapes as a secondary layer to add texture and color. It doesn’t matter what color these drapes are on either side as they won’t be seen from the outside.

You’ll be surprised by the ways you can make it look like you have the same window treatments in Black Diamond in the home. You’ll create beautiful curb appeal preventing “Skittles windows” and boosting the value of your home. On the inside, you still put your personality and style to the space.

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