4 Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Window Shades in Kent

Every now and then, your window shades in Kent will need replacing. This is the case with all window treatments eventually, so you’re not wasting money with fabric or bamboo shades.

You need to replace your shades at the right time. Too soon and you lose out on money. Too late and you’ll lose money because the shades won’t work effectively. Here are the four top signs that it’s time to replace your window shades.

They’re Difficult to Open and Close

Let’s start with the opening and closing of your window shades in Kent. You need to make sure the shades work as they’re supposed to. Can you open them all the way up? Are you struggling to get them to close quickly?

If your shades start to become difficult to open or close, it’s time to think about replacing them. This is a sign the mechanical structure of the shades is going. While you could oil it up, it’s a sign that other things will start to break, and it’s best to replace the shades instead.


The only time you won’t do this is if you have motorized shades. This could be a problem with the motor and you want to get it fixed.


You’re Seeing Light When and Where You Shouldn’t


Check the material of your window shades in Kent. There are chances that you have fabric shades, which do come with different light management options. You could get a solar shade, in which case light but not glare is always going to shine through. Others will get blackout shades, in which case you shouldn’t see any light at all.


If the shades aren’t working the way they’re supposed to, you need to consider getting a new set of shades. They’re no longer offering what you’re paying for, which means you’re wasting money.


Your Window Shades in Kent Are Frayed


Look at the edges of your shades. Are you seeing the material fraying? Maybe you’re seeing the seams starting to breakdown or pull. This is a sign that your shades are coming to the end of their lifetime.


Be honest with yourself about how long you’ve had the shades. After about six or seven years, you’ll want to start thinking about replacing them. This is when they naturally start to breakdown. If you’ve only had them a year or two, there’s a sign that you’ve got something low quality and you’ll want to go back to the company about this.


You’ve Got New Windows


If you get new windows, there’s no doubt that you’re going to need new window shades in Kent. This is something many people overlook, believing that their shades should still work. After all, you might not be changing the size of the windows.


You want to get a set of shades that work with the windows and not again. It’s important to have something that suits the style of the new windows. Plus, splashing out on new windows means you want shades that help with the financial benefits in the long term.


Are you looking at replacing your window shades in Kent? Look out for the signs that it’s time to do so.

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