4 Tips to Make Your Sliding Door Blinds in Kent Fit Perfectly

Sliding doors and windows are among the most popular structures in the home. They fit beautifully and offer a range of benefits. Sliding door blinds in Kent are the type of window coverings you need for these doors and windows.

Before you buy a set of blinds, you need to make sure they fit perfect. Here are four tips to make sure your new sliding door blinds are going to be right for your doors and windows.

Know the Type of Blinds You Want to Add to the Windows and Doors

Let’s start with the blind type. Sliding door blinds in Kent come in a variety of styles and forms. Vertical blinds are certainly among the most popular, but you don’t just have to settle with them. Roller and solar blinds are also popular.

It depends on whether you want to cover the entire window or door with one window covering or if you want individual options for the separate panes. Whichever you choose will come with mounting needs.

Mount Vertical Blinds Outside to Sit Away from the Glass

If you choose vertical blinds, you’ll want to mount them on the outside of the windows and doors. This is usually in some sort of frame at the top, allowing the blinds to sit well away from the glass. When you twist the slats, they can’t touch the glass of the doors or windows. They also can’t get in the way of the opening mechanism of the door.

This will mean the blinds jut out. If you wanted a clean look, you won’t get that. If you don’t mind the blinds not matching the level of the walls, then you’ll be fine.

Mount Roller or Solar Blinds Close to the Glass

When you need something that sits within the size of the windows, you’ll want to look at roller or solar blinds. They’re also known as shades, and they can make popular sliding door blinds in Kent if fitted properly so they don’t get caught when opening and closing the windows and doors.

It’s essential that they sit close to the glass. The glass within the doors and windows won’t have much space to put the blinds, which can make them trickier and a little more expensive to handle. However, they’re worth it when you want the coverings over the individual panes.

Get the Right Measurements for Sliding Door Blinds in Kent

Getting the measurements right is essential. When measuring for the vertical blinds, you’ll need to measure across the width of the window or door. Then you’ll need to measure the height from where you’re mounting the blinds from to where they’re going to stop.

When it comes to inside-mounted blinds, you’ll need to measure both the height and width of the windowpanes. You’ll also need to measure the depth of the windows to make sure these types of blinds are going to work.

There are many types of window coverings available when it comes to sliding door blinds in Kent. You need to choose the one you want to make sure they fit properly.

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