4 Tips for Getting the Perfect Window Coverings in Maple Valley

You’re looking for a new set of window coverings in Maple Valley. Whether these are for every room in the home or just to dress one set of windows in a living space, you want to make sure you get something that works for you. Here are four tips to make sure you get the perfect window treatments.

 Minimalist Is Always Best

 While you may think about adding style and personality through your window coverings, you’ll also want to think of the minimalist approach. You don’t need loud patterns or bold colors. It’s important that your window treatments leave you feeling calm and comfortable in the space.

 Consider the current décor style. Think about the feelings you want to gain in the room. Don’t forget about the possibility of redecorating in the future. Choose window coverings in Maple Valley that are neutral and minimalist to make it easier to work them into current and future décor to save money.

 Keep Things Light and Bright 

Your window treatments are designed to help manage the lighting levels in the home, but that doesn’t mean you want instant darkness. Nor do you want something that makes your room look musty, old, and small. You want your window coverings to look light and bright.

 White is the best color. It’s neutral and minimalist, while offering the ability to reflect light. You’ll make any space look larger than it is immediately. If going for a natural material, consider bamboo or a light wood to help with the appearance.

 Think About Woven Wood Window Coverings in Maple Valley

 Some rooms will get stifling hot. You want to manage the temperatures without blocking all the light. You’ll want to consider woven wood for this. You can also get woven faux wood, using vinyl instead of real bamboo or other light materials.

 The woven style will allow some light into the space. You can redirect the glare with ease and keep the heat out, but you don’t lose the natural lighting. 

Work with the Seasonal Colors

 Why not look for new window coverings in Maple Valley in the current season colors? You can use browns for fall and greens for spring. Consider white or silver for the winter, to bring the magic of the snow and winter wonderlands to your home. 

While you want to keep things slightly neutral and minimalist, you also want to add some personality. The seasonal colors is perfect when you’re doubling up your window coverings for various reasons. Use the minimalist color for the base treatment and then add the seasonal color with your secondary color, especially with a beautiful set of drapes.

 You’ll want to think about the style you’re aiming to achieve to find the right style of window coverings in Maple Valley for your home. At the same time, think about the type of benefits you need to gain and those that you’re willing to compromise on. You’ll soon find a beautiful set of window treatments for every room in your home.

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