4 Signs Your Blinds in Kent Need Replacing

ou want to repair your blinds in Kent as much as possible. After all, they’re an investment that you want to make the most of. The last thing you want is to buy a new set of blinds. However, there are times that repairing isn’t an option anymore.

Sometimes, you need to bite the bullet and replace your blinds. There’s nothing wrong with doing this when they get to the end of their life! Here are four signs it’s time to replace and not repair.

When You’re Repairing Too Often

How often are you repairing your blinds in Kent? If this is something you need to do every couple of years, then repairing is still fine. You may just need to replace a broken slat or fix a frayed cord quickly. But what if you’re repairing more often than that? What if it looks like there’s a newly broken slat every month or so?

In this case, you need to start looking at other options. It’s time to consider replacing the blinds because repairing is taking up too much time and is too frequent.

When a Repair Costs More than a Replacement

This links to frequent repairs. The more you repair, the more money you’ll put into your blinds in Kent. At first, a few bucks here and there is nothing. When you start spending hundreds of dollars on a monthly or even a bi-monthly basis, the costs will start to rack up.

Then there are the one-off repairs that will end up costing way more than replacing the whole thing. If you can find the matching blind, there’s no point repairing when replacing is much cheaper. The only time you’ll want to reconsider is when you’ll need to replace all the blinds in the room for one blind.

When Your Blinds in Kent Don’t Open or Close Properly

If your blinds have stopped working properly, there is a chance that they’ll need replacing instead of repairing. There are times that the problem can be fixed relatively easily, but that’s not always the case.

Run through all the reasons your blinds aren’t closing or opening properly. Don’t be ashamed if you realize that the blinds are either irreparable or they will just cost too much to repair. There is nothing wrong with buying a new set of blinds, especially if you’ve had your current blinds for years.

When the Slats or Cords Are Overly Damaged

Sometimes, the damage to the slats or the cords is too much. You’ve repaired them once, but the damage has returned. Or maybe all the slats have started to warp and you’re replacing every single one of them if you want to repair the damage.

In this case, it’ll be cheaper and easier to get a new set of blinds. You’re saving money and effort in the long-term.

There are times your blinds in Kent will need repairing. However, sometimes, you need to step away from the emotional aspect of the blinds and consider whether it’s going to be better to replace them.

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