3 Ideas for Roller Shades in Maple Valley Kids’ Rooms

Your children want to add style and personality to their rooms. Bedrooms need to show off interests and make a person happy, which will help them get a better night’s sleep. Maple Valley roller shades are perfect options for practical and cost benefits, but how do you make them kid-friendly? Here are the top three ideas for kid-style roller shades for the bedrooms.

#1. Look at Adding Favorite Cartoon Characters

Start with the cartoon characters that your kids love. You’ll find a lot of manufacturers will create roller shades in Maple Valley with characters from hit shows like Teen Titans, PAW Patrol and more. Kids love seeing their favorite characters in their room. They feel like this space is their own, rather than just having somewhere in their parents’ home.

As children get older, roller shades are cheap to replace. You can build on the cartoon characters and more. It’s easy to continue fitting in with preferences and interests. There are blinds that mash up the DC or Marvel comic characters, those that include symbols from their favorite movies and books, and much more.

#2. Opt for Favorite Colors

You can always keep the roller shades in Maple Valley simple with the use of favorite colors. This is something your children can have input in, but you can always help build an interest in a specific color.

If you have a girl that you don’t want to stick to traditional pinks, you can opt for purple, light blue, yellow and more colors with roller blinds. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going with traditional colors if you’d like—and if your children like.

This works for nurseries when you’re having a new baby. You can opt for gender-neutral yellows and oranges. Not only do you help to avoid stereotypes, but you add a bright color that offers mental benefits.

#3. Work with Bedroom Styles and Interests

Not all children want a specific color or a cartoon character. They want their bedroom to become a connection to their interests. Some will want to decorate in the style of Doctor Who’s TARDIS, while others will want to create a Bat Cave or their favorite lair in a book. They may even have their own style that they want to bring.

Roller shades in Maple Valley can connect to these bedroom styles and interests. Go through options online, especially on the likes of Pinterest and Instagram. You can get shades custom made, creating a safe and fun space for your children.

A kid’s room should be a sanctuary. This is their space to be themselves and have somewhere that makes them happy. You can encourage that through the use of the right Maple Valley roller shades. The benefit of roller shades is they’re cheap to replace when interests and decors change. Work with the three ideas above and you have the perfect creation for all your kids’ needs.

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