How to Clean Your Wood Blinds

Let’s be honest, we normally don’t clean our window blinds every time we clean! Cleaning your window coverings can be time-consuming, especially window coverings with a lot of slats. Even though it can take some time, it is important to clean your blinds regularly to keep them looking like new. This will keep your home clean and reduce dust and allergens too. Budget Blinds is offering you some tips on how to clean your wood blinds:

Before You Start
It is important to do your research before you clean your wood blinds because you don’t want to do the wrong things causing damage to your blinds. To ensure a successful cleaning here are some helpful expert tips:

  • Never get real wood blinds wet
  • Make sure to spray cleaner on a cloth and not directly onto the blinds
  • Twice-a-year do a deep clean (holiday cleaning and spring cleaning)

Dusting your blinds should be part of your regular cleaning routine so it keeps your blinds looking new. The best way to clean your blinds is by extending the blinds as far as they go and keeping them in the closed position making them flat. After that side is cleaned, rotate them and repeat. The three most popular methods when cleaning wood blinds are:

  • Clean with a feather duster or soft dust cloth each side of the blinds
  • Place a sock over your hand and run your hand back and forth, over and under each slat
  • Use wood cleaning sprays or tools to clean each slat, front and back

If you have more time on your hands vacuuming your blinds is ideal to get a deeper clean. It is important to use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment so it isn’t rough on your blinds. Open your blinds while vacuuming one slat at a time. If your blinds are higher to reach, start by using a secure ladder and have an assistant in case you need help. After you have vacuumed all the slats front and back, finish the job by wiping the slats with a dryer sheet or spray your blinds with anti-static dust product.

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