Window Treatments in Lorton: 4 Ways to Dress Your Kitchen Windows

You’re looking to update your kitchen. Part of that will involving dressing your kitchen windows and that means looking at the various window treatments in Lorton. You want something that will withstand the heat and smoke your kitchen can end up dealing with. Here are four ways to dress your kitchen windows effortlessly and affordably.

Get Woven Wood or Bamboo Shades

Before you look at any other options, consider whether woven wood or bamboo shades are something for your home. The material in each of the options is 100% natural, making them eco-friendly in every single way.

The woven styles will allow natural light into the kitchen when you need it, while getting rid of the glare. You’ll gain the privacy you sometimes want, and the material won’t be come damaged from the humidity.

Consider the location of the windows vs. the location of the stove. These window treatments in Lorton can end up suffering from the grease.

Think About Café Curtains

If you’re looking for a cheap option that offers plenty of décor choices, café curtains are certainly worth the consideration. They’re perfect for larger windows, where you want to let the light in – and don’t necessarily mind too much glare – but you want to make it comfortable when you’re preparing food and need some privacy.

Café curtains hang at the halfway point of the window. They reach the countertops, so you can easily pull them on and off, but the whole top half of the window is left open.

Colorful Valance Window Treatments in Lorton

Sometimes, your aim isn’t to offer privacy or reduce glare. There are times your window treatments are to add a splash of color. This is where a valance is perfect for your needs.

The valance will sit at the very top of your windows. You don’t have to do anything with it once it’s placed there, so you can set and forget. You can add a splash of color without trying too hard.

Sometimes, the window treatments will need washing. This is usually the case every month or so, but the valance will be easy to remove, wash, and place back up!

Choose Café or Folding Door Shutters

The final window treatments in Lorton to consider are shutters. There are so many types of shutters and they can all work well for the kitchen. Faux wood is the material you want to consider. It will withstand the temperatures and is easy to clean weekly to remove smoke and grease.

Café shutters look great. They sit in the bottom half of the window, similar to café curtains. You’ll usually have louvers that you open and close, whether you want natural light in or complete privacy. Door shutters can also be good to allow as much light in as possible and open the windows fully if you want.

When redecorating your kitchen, don’t forget about your windows. They need to be dressed. Look out for window treatments in Lorton that are easy to use, will look beautiful in the home, and will manage the humidity and grease in the kitchen.

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