Why South-Facing Windows Need Blinds in Newington

As the spring weather rolls in, so does a lot of glare and heat. If you have south-facing windows, you need blinds in Newington. They are the most superior options whether you own or rent.

Not sure blinds are going to work the best for you? Here’s how they’re so great for south-facing windows.

Faux Wood Doesn’t Warp in the Heat

You’ll get a lot of heat coming through your windows. This is especially the case in the spring and summer. A lot of UV rays will shine through your south-facing windows, and blinds in Newington are the best options. However, you want to get faux wood blinds.

The material is the best to avoid warping in the heat. Faux wood is a wood composite with a vinyl covering. The vinyl is an excellent protective layer for your blinds to prevent moisture buildup and offer heat protection. Your blinds are guaranteed to last for decades, so you get your money’s worth out of them.

You Can Manage the Amount of Light Coming Through

There will be a lot of light that shines through during the day. You can end up with glare as the sun starts to set or rise, especially if your windows face a slightly off-south direction. You want something that manages the levels of light coming through the windows.

When you get venetian or vertical blinds in Newington, you immediately get the light control benefits. It’s possible to twist the slats, making sure you only let the amount of light you want to come through. If you need to get rid of all light at some point during the day (such as because you’re watching a movie), you just close the slats completely.

You can open the blinds entirely when you need to. This helps to open the space on the dreariest of days.

Blinds in Newington Manage the UV Rays

One of the biggest downsides of south-facing windows is the amount of UV rays that come through the window. It’s the UV rays that cause the heat to rise. The rays will also damage furniture and your walls. You need to take steps to prevent the rays as much as possible, which is where slat blinds are perfect.

They may it possible to twist the rays away. You can still let the natural light in, but you prevent the UV rays from shining through directly. And you can also block them entirely by closing the slats completely. Without the rising temperatures, you save money on your air conditioning bills.

They Reflect Light on the Drearier Days

Finally, you get the benefit of reflecting light. Your blinds in Newington will often come in a white color with a shiny surface. The spring weather can be dreary and cast darkness in the room. Your blinds will prevent that.

This is beneficial with the south-facing windows. There’s naturally more sunlight to shine through the windows. You’ll make the most of it in your home.

It’s time to look at changing up your window treatments. Look at a set of blinds in Newington for your south-facing windows.

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