Why Consider the Same Blinds in Mount Vernon for Every Room

When you’re looking for window treatments for rooms, you could consider something different from each space. After all, you want a different appearance and focus for every room in the home. However, choosing the same blinds in Mount Vernon for each room in the house could be the better option.

How can you create personality with the same blinds? Here’s why it’s worth considering the same.

You Can Buy in Bulk

When you opt for the same type of window treatment in each room, you immediately cut down the choice. It’s possible to buy your blinds in bulk and this could help you save money in the short term. Manufacturers are more likely to give you a discount when you get multiple items from the same store or when you spend over a same amount.

Plus, you limit the need to go from place to place. You limit your choices and make your build buying an easier and stress-free process.

They Look Good from the Outside

By getting the same look on the inside, you get the same look on the outside. This may not seem important right now, but when it comes to selling your home it will do. Sure, you’re not leaving your blinds in Mount Vernon in the house, but you want to create the best first impression and that means good curb appeal.

Getting the same blinds in the same color means you avoid the Skittle windows effect. It’s a term coined by real estate agents due to the way multicolored windows look like a packet of Skittles. This immediately sets a negative appearance walking in, even if the drapes, curtains, blinds, and shutters work for the individual rooms.

You Can Get a Color and Style that Suits All

Blinds in Mount Vernon are the easiest to use in every room in the home. There is a color and style that works for everyone. The easiest is to work with venetian blinds in a white or natural wood.

Whether in a conservatory, a living room, or even in the child’s room, the color and style will add light and ease. You’ll create a space that is easy to manipulate for all needs. Natural wood immediately looks professional while white can instantly give that contemporary feel.

Personalizing Is Easy

But doesn’t choosing the same blind prevent personalization? All you’re doing is setting the same base in the room. Think of it like painting all the walls the same color. You can build upon the base color to personalize each room.

Got the same blinds? You can always add drapes to double up and add a splash of color to individual rooms. You can add more personalization through the lamp shades, the furniture, and so much more. You’re just working with a simple base for every single room in the home.

The next time it comes to replacing your window treatments take a step back from all the choices. Look at blinds in Mount Vernon and consider the same color and style for every single room in your home.

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