Why Cellular Shades in Alexandria Are Perfect for the Bedroom

Cellular shades in Alexandria are among the most popular types of window treatments for the home. They could be the perfect options for the bedroom, especially a child’s bedroom. Here’s a look at why you’ll want to consider them for your next bedroom window treatments.

 They Tend to Be Cordless Window Treatments

 The last thing you want is to end up with unfortunate accidents. Children (and pets) don’t understand the dangers of cords. In fact, children can view them as something fun to play with and there have been documented accidents that involve them. When you get a set of window treatments for the bedroom, you want something that will be safe for children when they’re in a room alone.

 Sure, you can keep beds away from windows and avoid other furniture being moved, but children will find a way to play with cords. Cellular shades in Alexandria tend to be cordless. They come in a variety of colors and designs but are usually cordless features that offer safety benefits for the whole family. You’ll have peace of mind when you put them in the child’s bedroom.

 They Offer More Heating Benefits

 Out of all the window treatments available, cellular shades can be come of the best for window treatments. The name comes from the honeycomb structure between the two layers of material. The cells work to help circulate air around and often back into the room. 

Even though the material is usually fabric and not thermal, you can still circulate heat back into the room. The honeycombs make sure the heat works back the way it came in, helping to keep the temperatures in the room consistent. You don’t need the heating on all the time, which is perfect on a night when you want to save money.

 The bedrooms won’t end up too cold in the middle of the night. In the summer, the heat circulates back out of the window, so you don’t end up too cold.

 Light Filtering or Room Darkening Cellular Shades in Alexandria

 You have full control over the type of cell shades you choose. If you want to filter the light into the room, you can get a set. However, for bedrooms, you often want to create darkness. There are room darkening and blackout cell shades available.

 Whether your children are light or heavy sleepers, there’s a type of window treatment for you. If you need to sleep during the day because you work nights, you can get a set of room darkening and blackout blinds to work.

 Only want room darkening or light filtering? A set of cellular shades in Alexandria work extremely well with other window treatments to get every single type of light benefit you need.

 Rather than constantly looking through all the different types of window treatments around, why not just settle on cellular shades? They are, by far, one of the most beneficial types of window coverings. They work for all rooms, but especially for bedrooms. Plus, cellular shades in Alexandria are among the most affordable with the best long term cost benefits.

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