Which Window Treatments in Alexandria Are Best for Tenants?

You’re moving into a new rental and you need to find window treatments in Alexandria. Your landlord isn’t putting anything up and your treatments from a previous property don’t fit. While you don’t want to spend a lot upfront, you also want something that will be effective in the long-term.

There are multiple options perfect for tenants. Here are the top window treatments you’ll want to consider.

Drapes or Curtains for Easy Use

Start with a set of drapes or curtains. These types of window treatments in Alexandria look great and are easy to use. They are also extremely easy to install and require no permanent changes to the home. The big benefit is getting a tension rod, so you make no changes around the windows and don’t have to worry about filling the holes when you move.

Drapes and curtains are also excellent for multiple benefits. You’ll block light quickly, you’ll keep heat in the home, and you’ll avoid too many UV rays shining through. You can get blackout curtains or drapes to help manage the light levels throughout the home, especially if you have children.

The curtains and drapes will also come in a variety of colors. This helps to add a personality to your home.

Roller Shades to Add Color to Your Home

Speaking of color, you can also choose roller shades or even roman shades. The fabric makes it possible to quickly add color to a room that is usually white or cream. You can’t repaint the walls without a landlord’s permission so the window treatments in Alexandria are the best way to manage the style.

Roller shades aren’t permanent fixtures, but they can cause some damage to the walls around the window. You have to screw the window treatments into the wall, which leads to having holds to fil afterward.

However, the holes are small. You may find that this isn’t the first time holes have been added for window treatments. Landlords do expect them.

Semi-Permanent Window Treatments in Alexandria for Cost Benefits

You may want something a little more permanent, but something you can still take with you when you move. This is where blinds come into play. Look for faux wood or metal blinds to keep the costs down but gain long-term benefits.

The window treatments will help to manage temperature levels in the home. You’ll block the heat from escaping and manage the amount of UV rays that come in. You’ll quickly make the money back you spend on the treatments through the savings on your heating and cooling bills.

Permanent Treatments with Landlord Permission and Payback

If you want something like shutters, you’re going to need to talk to your landlord. Permanent window treatments in Alexandria certainly offer a range of benefits, but they’re designed to be left behind when you move. They’re custom-made.

Talk to your landlord to see if they’re willing to pay for some of the treatments. They may pay you when you move since they’re going to benefit in the value of their home.

When you rent, you want to keep the cost of your window treatments in Alexandria. Unless you have an agreement with the landlord, look for drapes or roller shades as the best options.

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