Vertical Blinds in Woodbridge: How to Fix Blinds That Don’t Close Completely

Vertical blinds in Woodbridge are among the best options for sliding doors and windows. They’re extremely easy to use and offer multiple options for light control. Sometimes the blinds don’t close the whole way. This could be a sign they need replacing, but there’s also a chance that something minor has happened.

Make sure you troubleshoot before you get someone in. Here’s how to fix vertical blinds that don’t close completely.

Check the Blinds Sit the Right Way

If you’ve had the windows open and there’s been a breeze, there’s a chance your blinds have shifted slightly. This is one of the downsides of the blinds. They blow outwards and then the slats sit the opposite way they should. You’ll often see that one slat is behind its two neighbors, when only one side should be behind.

As you start turning the blinds, look out for any panels that aren’t turning properly. Once they’re put back in place, you’ll find opening and closing properly is much easier.

Look Out for Blockages in the Runner

Once you’ve checked the most common issue, it’s time to move onto the second most frequent reason for vertical blinds in Woodbridge not opening and closing properly. The runner may have become blocked. This often happens with dust and debris buildup, so look up and check to make sure the blinds can move properly along the runner.

You’ll also want to check the runner itself. A frayed section leads to the pulley getting caught, which prevents it from sliding open and closed. This is a slightly trickier problem to deal with, as you’ll likely need to replace the cord along the runner.

Make Sure the Brackets Sit in the Runner Properly

Now you’ll want to get onto a step ladder and check for all the brackets. There may be one not sitting on the runner properly, which makes it hard to pull the blinds open and closed. This bracket needs fixing and depending on the one that it is, it could be an easy or tricky fix.

In some cases, you’ll need to remove the blinds from the window to fix properly. However, most of the time you should be able to fix the individual brackets. Do remove the physical slats first to avoid damaging them.

The Vertical Blinds in Woodbridge May Need Replacing

Unfortunately, there are times that you’ll need to replace your blinds. This happens after around 10 and 15 years, so you’ve certainly got your money’s worth out of the vertical blinds. Once you’ve been through the top reasons for breakages, you’ll need to start looking at replacing and starting afresh.

Do you need a new set of vertical blinds in Woodbridge? It’s common to think that at first, but that may not be the case. There is a chance that you can fix the issue, especially if it’s something as simple as the slats crossing over in the wrong way due to the wind! Take time to check on the issue and then decide if you need a new set.

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