Venetian Blinds, Solar Shades, Romans Shades in Lorton, Oh My!: The Best Window Treatments for Your Kitchen

There are so many window treatments out there. You’ll know about venetian blinds. Then there are roller shades, solar shades, and even roman shades in Lorton. Trying to choose something perfect for your home can be difficult.

 When it comes to the kitchen, you want something that will offer plenty of light – both light coming in and control from the light distracting and damaging. Here’s a look at the best options for blinds and shades in your kitchen.

 Seriously Consider Faux Wood Blinds or Shutters

 If you own your own home, faux wood shutters are highly worth the consideration. If you rent or have a small budget, you can opt for faux wood blinds instead. It’s the faux wood that you want to concentrate on here.

 Faux wood is one of the most beneficial materials out there. It works for all needs while protecting against sun rot, UV rays coming into the home, and warping. It helps to reduce the energy bills in the home since you can use your heating and air conditioning less.

 In the kitchen, faux wood is beneficial for cleaning purposes. Your blinds will suffer from some grease sticking. Faux wood makes it possible to wipe clean without scrubbing. You’ll get a timeless and clean look no matter how much you use your kitchen.

 Solar Shades for More Light

 If you have a small kitchen, you’ll likely want a lot of light to come into the room. This is where you’ll want to consider solar shades. You can even consider dual shades with a solar shade and roman shades in Lorton on the outside.

 While made of fabric, solar shades are perfect for allowing light into the kitchen. They’re designed to let light in without the glare, so you’re not distracted and you don’t have to deal with UV damage on your kitchen work surfaces, cupboards, etc.

 Solar shades also offer a minimalist approach. You put the accents on other parts of the room. Plus, you get privacy during the day. With a dual look, you’ll also add the privacy on a night.

 Roman Shades in Lorton for Practicality and Brightness


When you want something practical to use, you’ll want to give roman shades a consideration. These window treatments are easy to use and look amazing, coming in a variety of colors and styles to work with your room décor.


You can add bright yellow or white with a simplistic pattern to add beauty and brightness. These are perfect for smaller rooms, but can also add a contemporary feel and lightness to a larger room.

 One of the benefits of roman shades in Lorton is the way they sit open. Whether you get a stack or a cascading view, you’ll block the light from the top of the window. You can experience more comfort in the room without blocking out the light.

 The downside of roman shades – and any fabric blinds – is cleaning. They can collect the grease and some of the food splashback.

 There may be many window treatments around, but not all work well for various rooms in the home. When it comes to the kitchen, you want something that well deals with the heat. Faux wood, solar, and roman shades in Lorton are highly beneficial.

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