Three Floral Designs for Your Window Curtains in Alexandria

Alexandria window curtains look absolutely beautiful and are so easy to manage. Now you just need to find a style that will work with your home and décor. Many people want floral patterns but have no idea how to use them in a beautiful way. Too much flora in your curtains can distract from the potential beauty.

When you want to use floral designs, keep things simple. Here are three perfect floral designs for beautiful and simple curtains.

Opt for Floral Bases

Start the easiest way possible. Get window curtains in Alexandria that have a floral pattern at the bottom. This could be a grassy base with daffodils, poppies, or other single flowers growing upwards. The flowers can cover just about the lower quarter of your curtains, depending on the types of flowers you get. Daffodils and sunflowers will sit higher than poppies and roses for example.

The rest of the curtains should be a plain, neutral color. Opt for creams or whites or very pale yellows. These colors will help to keep the focus on the beautiful flowers growing from the bottom of the curtains.

If you want to take a step more nature-based, you can opt for the blues of the sky for the rest of the curtains. It’s almost like a portrait around your windows. The floral pattern won’t be visible while the curtains are open, but you get the full effect when closed.

Keep Dual-Colored Floral Patterns

If you want the floral pattern all over the curtains, opt for a beautiful, intricate design. The colors are dual. The base is one color and then the pattern is just in another color. You don’t want to add to many extra colors and shades, as the focus needs to be on the design at hand.

Try to stick with white base layers. You can use any other color for the floral pattern, but the white helps to keep the base clean and crisp. The floral pattern is the part that really stands out.

While you want an intricate pattern, it doesn’t need to be loud or busy. Opt for vines with flowers or leaves to keep the floral effect.

Use Flowers Instead of Polka Dots

Polka dot curtains can be fun and help bring out your bright side. When you really want that effect but with a floral design, you can work them together. Some Alexandria window curtains come with simple flowers that are dotted around a white or cream base material. The flower heads replace the polka dots.

You can go one step further by using the flower heads with the leaves. You can then mix and match colors naturally and complimentary. Keep the leaves green and opt for curtains with one or two other colors for the flowers for the full polka dot style.

Floral designs make beautiful window curtains in Alexandria. However, they can go that one step too far. You can end up with too much focus on the floral patterns and the curtains become distracting in the home. Think about the room for your curtains and opt for three options above for the perfect look.

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