The Surprising Reason You Should Keep Your Curtains in Woodbridge Closed During a Storm

You’ve heard a lot about hurricanes at the moment so the stormy weather will be playing on your mind. One thing you’ll hear is that you should keep shutters closed during stormy weather. The same applies to curtains in Woodbridge. If you only have them hanging, make sure they’re closed.

 Why would you need your curtains to remain closed? Isn’t that going to wreck your curtains? Well, yes, but the main reason is to avoid extra damage to other parts of your home.

 How Curtains Protect the Home

 For the most part, your home is going to protect you from the elements outside. Even the glass in the windows will protect your home from most damage. However, there are times that the stormy weather breaches the glass. In those cases, you need something else to act as a barrier. 

Even curtains in Woodbridge are excellent for this. When closed, they create a barrier to prevent smashed glass from getting into the home and hurting individual people. This is the first form of damage that can appear during a bad storm or hurricane, and the smashed glass could cause life threatening injuries. 

While curtains aren’t much, the fabric will help to block the glass shards. The material can also help to slow down the movement of the glass.

 After the glass has smashed, a set of drapes of curtains in Woodbridge can offer protection against the windy and wet weather. The material will take up most of the water, instead of letting it in through the rest of the home.

 Securing Your Curtains in Woodbridge During the Storm 

You will need to make sure the material is secure when closed. During stormy weather, the fabric will blow about and can cause injury to people nearby. Securing is relatively easy. 

Use a piece of metal to place over the curtains. This is usually a bar that sits at the bottom of the curtains, holding them in place. If your curtains don’t reach all the way to the floor, you’ll need to use the bar on the windowsill to lock the material in place.

 When using a metal bar, make sure it has enough weight to it to prevent it falling. If you don’t have a metal bar, you could use a can of food or even dumbbells to help keep your curtains in Woodbridge in place.

 Gaining Comfort During the Storm

 With closed curtains, you immediately get a sense of comfort in the home. This is especially the case when the curtains are secured with a metal bar. Comfort is one of the things you’re going to want when it comes to your window treatments during the bad weather.

 Even if there’s no risk to the windows during the weather, close the curtains. You’ll feel safer and warmer. It’s amazing what the psychological effects can do to help during this bad weather.

 Did you realize that you could keep your curtains in Woodbridge closed in the bad weather? Try it when it comes to the bad weather during the winter and you’ll be surprised by the positive feelings.

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