Roller Shades vs. Cellular Shades in Alexandria: Which Is the Best Option for Your Home?

When it comes to cheap shades in the home, you’ll likely come across two. Roller and cellular shades in Alexandria are among the most popular when on a tight budget. They both look good, are easy to use and install, and require very little maintenance.

Now you need to choose between them. This means looking at the pros and cons of the two options to figure out how you’ll benefit the most from each. Are roller shades best for your home or should you look at cellular shades in Alexandria?

Roller Shades Are Easier to Clean

When it comes to maintenance, your shades will need cleaning. They will collect dust and sometimes bugs can get trapped. This is especially the case with cell shades because of the honeycomb feature. Roller shades are, by far, the easiest types of shades to clean. In fact, apart from curtains and drapes, they’re the easiest types of window treatments to clean.

With roller shades, you can use warm soapy water if there’s a stain. Most of the time, you won’t get these stains and you just need to use a duster to get rid of the dust. With cellular shades, you need to get into the honeycombs.

Cellular Shades Offer Better Heating Benefits

One of the big reasons people look at honeycomb shades (another name for cell shades) is because of the heating benefits. They’re the cheapest options available that will offer the most heating and cooling benefits in the home. Most roller shades will just manage light level because of the material they’re made off.

Both types of shades may be made of a fabric material, but the cellular shades in Alexandria have the benefit of the honeycombs. These areas cause more circulation of the air, helping to redirect it.

In the hotter weather, the heat doesn’t have a chance to get into the home. The shades can force the heated air back through the window. Meanwhile, in the winter, the hot air from inside won’t escape through the window to the outside. The cells will circulate it back into the home. You get to use the HVAC system less, so you save on your bills.

Cellular Shades in Alexandria Are Safer for Children

If you have children or pets, you’ll want to look into getting cordless shades. Sure, you can get roller shades without the cords, but cellular shades are more beneficial and easier to obtain. They will sit in the frame of your window, which leads to even more heating benefits mentioned above.

The cellular shades in Alexandria don’t have a cord at all. They fit within a frame and you pull the shade sup and down. You can even get some that sit in the middle, so you have more control in which part of the window is covered, whether you want to let some light in but gain privacy or not.

Only you know what you want to gain from the types of window treatments you’re going to use. Cellular shades in Alexandria are financially beneficially, both upfront and in the long term. It’s completely up to you!

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