How to Use Shutters in Woodbridge for Your Sliding Doors

You have a beautiful set of sliding doors in your family area. There’s no way you want to get rid of them for all the lighting benefits and ease of use, but sometimes you want to add more privacy to your home. Shutters in Woodbridge could be the perfect option if they’re used right.

When it comes to window treatments for sliding doors, you’ll usually hear that vertical blinds or sliding panels are best. After all, you want something that works in the same direction as the doors. But shutters can be just right when installed perfectly. Here’s how to use them for your home’s needs.

Consider Sliding Panels

You will likely have heard of sliding fabric or blind panels for your doors. They sit on different runners, allowing you to move them easily to one side when you want to use your sliding doors. You can use shutters in Woodbridge in similar ways.

The runners will need to be further apart to allow for the thickness of the shutters. You can then place one panel on each runner, allowing you to open and close as you see fit.

Shutters offer the benefit of the louvers. You can keep the shutters completely closed if you want to prevent all view into the home. Or you can have the shutters covering the door with the louvers open if you want to allow some light in without opening the whole door. When you want to use the doors, you just move the shutters to one side.

Think About Folding Shutters in Woodbridge

The next option is to create folding shutters. These look a little like the folding panels to create some privacy within a room. The difference is they’re only on the frame of the door.

You have hinges strategically placed on each shutter panel. The hinges fold in and out, so you stack the shutters to one side when you want to use the sliding door. Then you have the ability to keep the shutters closed with the louvers closed or open depending on the amount of privacy you want.

This can be the cheapest option to use your shutters across your sliding doors. There’s no need for multiple runners and you’ll just need to have sturdy brackets for the first shutter that holds all the rest when the shutters are fully open.

Consider Removable Shutter Panels

If you want to avoid the runners and don’t want to deal with hinges, you could consider shutter panels that are removed to open the sliding door. You’ll need somewhere in the home to place them when you’ve opened up and will also need to make sure they’re easy to place back in.

One of the benefits of shutters in Woodbridge, especially faux wood shutters, is that they’ll be light to move in and out. However, you’re going to deal with a lot of faff. They also aren’t the sturdiest of options if you have pets or children, who like to be inquisitive.

Shutter panels can be perfect to cover up your sliding doors. Consider the top three ways to install shutters in Woodbridge to make them practical and beautiful.

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