How to Stop Your Wooden Blinds in Alexandria Falling Past Your Windows

Wooden blinds in Alexandria look absolutely beautiful. They offer a wide range of benefits and last for years. But they tend to have one annoying problem if they’ve not been fitted properly.

They end up too long for your windows. In some cases, they end up falling past your windows. This tends to lead to the cords to open and close the blinds being way too long. You may not have bought the blinds and they may be part of your house purchase. How do you manage the problem of your blinds falling past your windows?

Get the Blinds Shortened

You could get your wooden blinds in Alexandria shortened. This can be done professionally, or you can do it yourself. If you’re going to do it yourself, you’ll need to measure twice and cut once. Make sure you fasten the strings again and add the plug back in to avoid the blinds falling to pieces.

This is the easiest way to manage the length of the blinds. You’ll no longer have the issue of your blinds hitting your windowsill hard. They won’t potentially drop to the floor if you haven’t locked them in right when opening and closing.

The benefit of doing this is they become perfect for these particular windows. The downside is you won’t be able to add to them if you decide to move them to other windows.

Opt for a Stopper for Your Wooden Blinds in Alexandria

What about a stopper for your blinds? This is a piece of molding that’s placed within the window. The stopper works as it sounds. It prevents your blinds from dropping lower than they should do.

This doesn’t get rid of the extra length of the blinds. They can mean you have way too many slats at the bottom, or your cords will remain too long. However, you get something that helps to prevent the blinds falling past your windows.

A stopper is a good way if you have children who go near the blinds. There’s less risk of the blinds falling on them if they tend to pull on the materials. Of course, you want to keep children away from the binds, but they always get up to mischief!

Reduce the Cord Length Instead

Whatever you do, you’ll want to handle that cord length. If you can, replace your wooden blinds in Alexandria with some cordless options, especially with children and pets in the house. They are going to be much safer than having the risk of loops in the cords forming.

However, if you’re on your own, corded blinds can be perfectly safe. So, you need to manage the length. You’ll need to allow the blinds to drop to the bottom of the window, wherever they are at the longest when closed. You can then see the minimum you can cut the cord to.

When you open the blinds, you’ll get rid of the cords reaching the ground. They look much better, even if you don’t reduce the physical size of the wooden blinds in Alexandria.

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