How to Manage the Temperatures with Blinds in Alexandria

We’re at that time of the year where it’s cold on a morning but warm on an afternoon. You need to find a way to manage the temperatures in the home, and blinds in Alexandria can be perfect.

Blinds offer the ability to control light and temperatures. Here’s how to use them effectively to reduce your heating bills considerably.

Shut Them Overnight

The first thing you need to do is shut your blinds overnight. There are some rooms that you may not even consider. For example, you may have a den where you don’t worry about shutting the blinds in Alexandria. Or you may overlook the kitchen.

These rooms will see a lot of heat loss. And the heat from other rooms in the home will leave the house. You need to close up all the blinds before you go to bed. In fact, do it as soon as the sun goes down. The sooner you manage it, the more heat you’ll lock into your home.

Allow the UV Rays in Now and Then

Now and then, you’ll want to let the UV rays in, especially during the winter months. Open the blinds in Alexandria whether you have the slats sitting parallel to the floor or you open the entire system. You can then let the UV rays naturally heat your home during the daytime.

When you heat the home naturally, you can use the heating less in the day. Then you can close the blinds when the sun goes down or twist the slats when the sun moves. This allows you to block that natural heat and avoid losing it overnight.

Twist the Blinds in Alexandria for Heat Management but Plenty of Light

What about when you can’t deal with the glare? Or what about when the sun moves, and you no longer have the UV rays heating up the home? You’ll need to start twisting the slats on your blinds.

Twist the slats slightly to help manage some of the heat loss. It will be harder for the heat to escape through the window. However, you don’t completely block all the light. The winter months can be dark, but you don’t want to spend more money on your electricity than you really need to!

Opt for a Secondary Layer Like a Set of Drapes

Finally, you’ll want to consider a secondary layer to work with your blinds in Alexandria. This is great for the darkest of the months, the coldest part of winter. The blinds are great on their own, but there’s nothing better than two layers for the heat to struggle to get through.

Consider a set of drapes. You can use them just on a night, offering dual layers for the heat to attempt to work through. You may even want to skip closing the drapes altogether and use them to block the gaps at the side of your blinds. You’ll manage the temperatures more consistently throughout the year.

It's time to use your blinds in Alexandria to your advantage. They’re excellent for managing the temperatures, especially in the winter. You just need to use them right.

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