How to Choose the Right Curtains in Lorton for a New House?

You’re moving into a new house. Whether you’re renting or buying, moving into your first home or your 10th, you need to think about some décor needs. Your window coverings are essential and you may have already decided on new curtains in Lorton. Now it’s time to choose the right ones.

Even if you’re moving from somewhere that had curtains, they don’t necessarily work for the new place. They may be too short or you may want to update your décor. Here are the top factors to help you choose the right curtains for your new house.

How Much Light Do You Want to Let In?

The main reason to hang any type of window covering is to control the amount of light that is coming in and out. You’ll need to think about the amount of light you want to let into your home. In a child’s bedroom, blackout curtains in Lorton may be the best option but what about the dining room or a conservatory?

Some rooms you’ll want to let light in but not the glare. This is when you need to start looking at lighter, linen curtains. Yet the bedrooms and even the living room may be better with thicker, thermal curtains.

Which Direction Do the Windows Face?

Look at the direction of the windows. Are they east, west, or south facing? If so, you may need to consider neutral colors. Bright colors will fade much faster from the UV rays, so they’ll start to look older sooner. They’ll need replacing earlier than the neutral colors.

If you have north facing windows, you may get more color choices. But that doesn’t mean bright colors are right and this moves us onto the next factor.

What Appearance Do You Want to Gain with Curtains in Lorton?

Think about the look you’re trying to achieve. Do you want to open a space, making it look like there’s plenty of natural light shining through? If this is the case, you’ll want to choose lighter colors, especially white or cream. If you have a small room, the lighter, brighter colors are also better to make the room appear bigger.

But what if you just want to add your own personality? What about a child’s room where they just want their favorite color hanging? And then there are the rooms where you want to add elegance or sophistication, where the darker colors can be beneficial. Don’t forget bright oranges and yellows for rooms where you want to add happiness.

Do You Just Want to Have Fun?

Sometimes your curtains in Lorton just do one simple thing: they bring out your personality. If you can’t have fun with your curtains, what can you have fun with in the home? There’s nothing wrong with trying out different patterns, colors, and styles.

If you like the look of something, ask for a sample. You can then test the samples against the type of window, the amount of light you get, and the rest of the décor. You’ll soon have perfect curtains in Lorton for your new home.

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