How Much Will Motorized Blinds in Woodbridge Cost?

While you know there are many benefits to installing Woodbridge motorized blinds in your home, there is the worry of cost. After all, you need to have them professionally installed and connected to your wiring in the home. Then there are ongoing costs that you may worry about. Here’s a look at the predicted cost breakdown, depending on the size of your home and use of the blinds.

The Costs of the Blinds

The first cost to consider is the actual blinds you opt to install. Each type of blind will have its own cost and then you add the installation and running costs on top of that. Like with any type of blind, the more beneficial and intricate the blind, the more it’s going to cost.

Metal, vinyl, and solar blinds are usually the cheapest options. Faux wood can also help you keep the costs down, but it will depend on the type of faux wood. The most expensive options tend to be roman or honeycomb shades.

The Cost to Install

Motorized blinds in Woodbridge won’t cost as much as you think. Most people will look to pay around $35 per window for the wireless, battery-powered options. If you want to be wired, you may look at paying around $70.

However, this can depend on the size of the blinds, the exact style, and the way you control them. Wireless options are usually controlled by a battery, which helps to keep the installation costs down. Even if you connect all devices to the same remote, they’re run with a battery and sensor, which means less installation work.

When you want the wired options or you need them all controlled by a panel on your wall, you will spend more on the overall system. More work is required to connect your wiring to make sure everything is safe. You’ll also need registered electricians for this since the skills are more advanced. You will usually get a project cost when you want hard-wired blinds, which will include the cost of the installation.

The Cost to Run Your Blinds

After the installation, you’ll need to consider the cost of running your Woodbridge motorized blinds. This will depend on the type of blinds you’ve chosen.

When running with a battery pack, you’ll need to replace the batteries every few months. This will, of course, depend on the amount that you use the blinds. The more frequently you use the remote, the more quickly you will run the batteries down. In the majority of cases, the remotes will run off standard AA or AAA batteries, which will help to keep the ongoing costs down.

What about when connected to the electrics? The costs will go onto your electricity bill, so the costs will depend on the amount you pay for your energy, the times you use the blinds, and the amount you use them throughout the day.

Woodbridge motorized blinds are extremely beautiful additions to the home. They certainly offer a range of benefits that you can’t get anywhere else. The worry for many is the cost. You’ll need to determine if the initial and ongoing costs are worth all the benefits you gain by having blinds that you can control from the touch of a button.