Could New Window Treatments in Alexandria Improve Your Sleep?

While we may have just about managed it in college, our bodies don’t operate well on less than six hours sleep a night. In fact, eight hours is considered optimum. To help with that, you need to think about making your bedroom a safe zone and your window treatments in Alexandria help to manage that.

Window treatments do more than just block light, although that is important when it comes to the bedroom. They can also manage heat levels, reduce noise, and much more. Could new window coverings and treatments in your home improve your sleep? Here’s how looking at them could help.

They Block Out the Light

What are your window treatments in Alexandria currently like for lighting control? Do they cause too much light to shine through early in the morning, especially in the summer? The sun is a good wakeup call, but not always wanted, especially if you work nights or shifts.

You want a type of window treatment that will manage the light levels suitable for your particular needs. If you’re currently bothered by the natural light or maybe a street lamp/headlights outside, it’s time to consider new window treatments.

Window Treatments in Alexandria Block Noise

Another major benefit of some window treatments is noise dampening. No covering is going to be perfect or soundproof, but you can get something better than your current shades or curtains if noise is a problem.

At first, you may not realize noise is the problem. It could be a constant drone of traffic outside. Some white noise can be soothing and good. The problem is when noise wakes you up or agitates you so much that you can’t sleep. Closing your window isn’t always an option, so you need something that helps dampen the noise.

Coverings Offer Privacy

Your bedroom is one of the most private places in your home. You want to feel safe and secure in there. Window treatments in Alexandria should help with that. It’s important to have something that helps to block the view coming into the room, so you don’t feel like people are watching.

Then you’ll want to consider the thickness. Is it possible for someone to break through the window and attack? Consider new, thicker treatments just for the peace of mind.

Managing the Temperatures with Window Treatments

Finally, it’s important to manage the temperatures in your room. Being too hot or too cold immediately disrupts your sleep. Your window treatments in Alexandria may not be helping with that.

You want something that will block heat escaping in the winter, so you don’t have the heat on all the time but your room stays comfortable. In the summer, you want something that will manage the rising heat during the day.

There’s also the need to keep a window open to allow the air to flow but you don’t want to sacrifice too much noise or privacy. There are window treatments like shutters and cell shades that help with that.

It’s time to look carefully at all your window treatments in Alexandria and what you have now. Could a change of treatment help improve your sleep?

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