Can Roller Blinds in Lorton Ever Be Suitable for Bathrooms?

When it comes to the bathroom, you may think you’re limited on your window treatment choices. After all, you need something that will be waterproof; something that handles the heat and moisture of the room. This can mean that Lorton roller blinds are instantly scratched off your list of suitable options, but could they work out to be the best ones?

You may just have a winner. It really depends on the material of the blind, the maintenance you’re willing to perform, and the lack of humidity in the room.

Look Into PVC Roller Blinds

While most roller blinds in Lorton are made of fabric and lighter materials, you can get PVC options. These are relatively thin in feel but extremely good at blocking out light. They’re soft to allow for movement, unlike vinyl and faux wood shutters.

One of the best things about PVC roller blinds is their ability to work with all decors. They come treated and colored, whether you want plain white, a cream, or even a bright color to work with your under-the-sea theme.

These blinds are extremely low maintenance. Most of the time you just have to wipe clean. The material is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew growth. You will need to clean the mechanisms to prevent buildup within there and clean the windowsills. Some other actions to avoid humidity are also good to prevent damp problems elsewhere in the room.

Consider Bamboo Roller Blinds

How about going natural for your roller blinds in Lorton bathrooms? You could always opt for bamboo, which is a material that’s used to damp and heat. The bathroom is the perfect home. Plus with natural, you can reduce the majority of allergies within the room.

Bamboo roller blinds look beautiful. They can come treated to work with décor, but keeping them neutral helps them easily work with all decors. Like all roller blinds, they’re easy to use. The slight gamps can help prevent blocking all light while you get a shower, so you keep the use of indoor lights to a minimum.

Fabric Blinds Will Take Some Work

If you’re thinking about fabric Lorton roller blinds, you’ll need to consider maintenance. They will require some cleaning to manage the dampness in the room. The humidity can lead to mold growth within the fabrics.

Once a week (or so), get a damp cloth to clean up any growing mildew or mold spores. You may need to take the blind down frequently to be able to fully clean, as you won’t always be able to unroll the whole material when hanging up.

The benefit of fabric blinds is they’re among the cheapest option. Opting for the maintenance may be worthwhile for the costs. You can also get thinner blinds to keep the light coming through but just offer the privacy you need when in the bathroom during the day.

You can use Lorton roller blinds in the bathroom. The question you’ll need to answer is how much maintenance you want to perform. This will affect the material of roller blind you get and the amount the type of blinds cost.

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